Monday, April 27, 2009

Plague Marine with Flamer Conversion

Principally shown for posterity and inspiration, this is an older (by over 2 years) Death Guard Plague Marine with a flamer today.

The bits for this model come from a number of diverse sources: regular plastic chaos space marines, warhammer fantasy battle zombies, space marines, Death Guard Shoulder pads, and chaos tank accessories. The most obvious zombie bits (head, left arm holding the corpse and dangling innards) were simple to attach and glue in place. The head was perhaps the most troublesome as it is moulded for use with chaos space marines. Hence a little bit of a spacer was inserted in to the nook of the neck to make the zombie head sit higher up and give the illusion that the miniature has a neck. The innards required a little bit of filing of the front torso part of the marine, but was otherwise straight forward. The right arm needed a bit of greenstuff to ensure that the marine shoulder pad sat correctly on top of it. The opposite shoulder pad is metal, from the specific Death Guard shoulder pads sold online from Games Workshop.

The backpack is from a regular space marine, but with the ends chopped off and replaced with the gargoyle-like heads found on the chaos tank accessories sprue. It gives the miniature a unique flare on the battlefield and makes him stand out ... at least he stands out to my eyes, but maybe not to opponents.

The paint scheme is not my best work, but it fits in with the general "rusted or green" theme of the rest of the marines that I run alongside him. Overall, moderately happy.


oni said...

Very nice conversion. I'm indifferent about the green dragon heads on the backpack. I like the idea, but I'm not convinced of the colour. I still give it a thumbs up overall. :)

jabberjabber said...

Fair enough about the green dragon heads really :)
I should have simply painted them in the same colour scheme as the rest of the marine.

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