Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sanguinius the Mutant?

This occured to me the other day when I was playing a younger opponent who was chanting the usual imperial mantra and it caused me to giggle:

Do the Blood Angels not think its just a little ironic to shout "purge the mutant" given the huge wings that their primarch had? ;-)


Adam Hunter said...

Heresy! Sanguinius was an angelic figure crafted by the God Emperor, the Father of hummanity himself.

But yes, as an impartial 3rd person audience was can freely make observations like this.

suneokun said...

Didn't Magnus (Primarch of the Thousand Sons) have three eyes?

That's what you get when cousins marry, or the Emporer 'progenates' himself!

Crikey, makes the Tyranids look healthy.

Peter said...

If you've read the souldrinkers you'll know that 'mutant' is the worst insult you can give to a space marine and they will hunt you down even at the cost of their lives, some say even the spirit of a space marine can cause the insulter untold terror until driven mad

The said...

Magnus had one eye, but that's equally as weird.

I guess we won't even start on strange mutations in the Space Wolves...

Raptor1313 said...

The Space Marines and humans in general have a hell of a tolerance for coincidence when it serves them.

Sanguinus has wings? Well, I think they actually tried to take him out on Baal, but it didn't go over to well for the ones that tried.

Now, if the average citizen of the Imperium sprouted wings? Investigation, a cult around 'em and probably fiery death.

The Imperium is a bit hypocritcal like that, to be honest.

Even more amusing, though, is that apparently that Sanguinus could FLY in power armor with wings. You don't even want to deal with the physics needed to lift 8ft of person + god knows how much power armor into the air with just WINGS. Warpcraft, I say.

Rogue said...

Angron was suppose to look like a giant red winged demon, with a blood thirsty nature for carnage... and no one thought to question that.

But then look at life. If anyone comes back to life people point and yell, "AHH, ZOMBIE!!!!" ... unless they say they are here to save your soul...

Guess it all depends on who your dad is :) Who's your daddy?!?!

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