Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dragon Ogre Shaggoth in 40k

A mighty Dragon Ogre Shaggoth model; on a Warhammer 40,000 circular base. This model has seen plenty of action over the past couple of years in a number of armies.
Whilst I intend to talk about the paint job at a future (yet to be determined) date, today I want to focus on the subtler pros and cons of running this beastie in games of Warhammer 40,000.

Let's start with the bad points I've encountered. Firstly, a few (VERY few) folks object to the use of the Shaggoth in 40k games. Their grounds are typically along the lines of "it doesn't belong". I'm not sure I agree as it is within the bounds of the "counts-as" rule. Moreover, it makes a splendid looking centre piece for a chaos renegade daemon prince, or a regular daemons daemon prince.

The biggest in-game disadvantage of using the Shaggoth is its size and bulk. It is a very large and tall miniature to field. It readily comes in for a lot of enemy fire power simply because it is so visible! It also weighs a fair amount - lugging him around with other heavy miniatures can be tiresome!

On the other hand, the size and bulk of the miniature has often been a boon. It can take the incoming barrages and spare the more delicate (and perhaps threatening) components of my army (e.g. bloodletters). This ties in to a certain psychological effect - eyes are drawn toward it and it simply looks cool!

Since it is tall, it also has a good line of sight for things like daemonic gaze which it can often use despite the best (hiding) intentions of opponents. This is kind of the inverse of "it draws plenty of fire" - it can usually draw a decent line of sight to where-ever it needs to.

I like fielding this miniature simply because of the way it looks. I don't really care so much that it hasn't got any wings (I've got other winged daemon princes to choose should they be needed).


Chris said...

It's a great looking model, I'd have no objections to someone using this as a "counts as" Daemon Prince in a 40K game.

Mik said...

Good job! It's a better looking Daemon Prince than some of the "official" models I've seen out there, sure I'd play against it no problem.

oni said...

The model looks more like it belongs in the Legend of the Five Rings miniature game, but I don't think I'd have any issues playing against it as a 'counts as' daemon prince.

It's very nicely painted too.

Raptor1313 said...

that's the beauty of Daemons. Daemons in 40k tend to look like whatever the hell they want.

Fantasy has a lot of solid conversion options for Daemon Princes, and this is just one of 'em. It's big, burly, twisted, mutated-looking...I mean, what part of it ISN'T daemonic? It's a Citadel mini through and through, so it works.

SlavesToDarkness said...

ALL of my daemons in my Daemon army are not the models they "should be" and a number of them are scratch-built. I have frequently considered using a Shaggoth as a keeper of Secrets. Love the model. Nothing wrong with using it at all.

jabberjabber said...

Hi Folks,
Thanks for the feedback and views. This model is too good to leave at home... :)

J. D. Brink said...

I thought aabout buying one of those models to use as my own Greater Daemon for 40k. I say go for it! As for wings, who says a daemon needs physical wings to fly??

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