Friday, April 10, 2009

Epidemius Painting in Progress

A small posting today to show my Epidemius model painting-in-progress shot. I've been progressing nicely along with this model for a few months now. I've sometimes lost patience with it; at other times, made rapid progress.

The main areas that I'm most pleased with (so far) are:
(1) Epidemius' skin tone;
(2) Plaguesword and hourglass egg-timer;
(3) The wooden chair of the palanquin.

And here's the main areas that are giving me grief:
(1) The nurglings. I think it is the sheer number of them coupled with my desire that they shouldn't all be painted alike;
(2) The banner(s). I didn't attach one of the banners as it was highly fiddly. I'm going to re-read Ron's old post on what he did with pinning his version. The one that is there has a medieval styled flag rather than a Nurglesque slogan, or a tripartite of flies;
(3) Epidemius' horn needs to be a slightly different colour tone.


RonSaikowski said...

I've been reworking those posts, I'm going to get the first part up today.
Nice job on this guy, after seeing the actual model up close I realise how much work goes into painting him.

jabberjabber said...

Epidemius certainly takes a long time to paint. He's been sat on the shelf, transferred to the painting desk, and back again numerous times over. I think I've still got work left to do on him.

Having seen your re-worked post, I'm tempted to have another go at the banners. Cheers!

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