Saturday, April 25, 2009

Forest Screamer of Tzeentch

This screamer of Tzeentch has been painted in a "forest" camo colour set. Although variant from the lava like screamer and the water screamers that have come before, it, the forest screamer can still be picked out from a crowd of screamers (if required).

The narrative premise for the this screamer is that it gated in to real space and formed itself out of local woodland bits and pieces. The horns of the screamer are particularly pleasing: a blend of reds and yellows that could almost be mistaken for some warped fruit. The tail segment horns should probably have been completed in the same colours and technique, but the result is still acceptable.

The greens, creams and subtle blues in the recesses of the screamer's skin are intended to be suggestive of this screamer floating along a shaded woodland floor; the canopy of the upper trees shielding its movement from preying eyes above. A neat addition to the growing shoal, and perhaps highly timely as well with all the Imperial Guard tank-busting that they may need to accomplish soon.


Alvin Khaw said...

Wow, nice! Looking at the fact that it comes from the Lord of Change, I bet the colours could be changed too! Good job by the way!

jabberjabber said...

That's one of the good points of Tzeentch - nearly any colour scheme can be justified! :)

Cawshis Clay said...

That is a avery nice looking screamer! I love the fluff bit and the thought process for the horns. Well done!

Raptor1313 said...

Beautiful paint jobs on them, and Tzeentch gives you the freedom to pull that off. It's one of the nice things about Chaos Daemons; you can justify a LOT in terms of paint scheme and modifications.

It makes me sad Screamers are so mono-tasked (well, ok, they can be speed bumps too I suppose...)

Farmpunk said...

I really like the paints on those. Have you thought about making one blended to look like he's changing colors?

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