Friday, December 5, 2008

Shoal of Screamers

Continuing with a bit of a Tzeentch theme this week, here is the finished squad of screamers that I've been working on for the past few months. Phew! That was a hard slog to get them finished.

The third screamer was painted in a similar style to the other screamer in the surf. Overall, I'm pleased with the way these models have turned out. I still have a couple of items left to complete with these screamers that include doing something about the pure black "tusks" and properly basing the miniatures, but I'm leaving those tasks for a rainy day.

Let's be honest, with the "warp jaws" special rule, these daemons are flying melta-bombs. Therefore their primary purpose in a daemon-filled battlefield is to take out opposing armour. Their secondary purpose, should they survive that long, is to contest objectives at the last minute (jet-bike fashion).

The unholy might option is probably not such a good idea unless you have an odd 5 points left over to spend. That extra point of strength is only ever going to do some good against non-armour, and that is not a situation that the screamers should be getting in to. The only real question is how many to field, and in what quantities. Three is fine. Five could well be about optimal to ensure that some survive to blow up a pesky predator. Multiple units might well be better if facing off against land raiders and necron monoliths in the absence of other units capable of handling them.


RonSaikowski said...

The blue one on the left looks much cleaner and neater than the first blue one on the right.

Nice job on the squad. I like the contrast of the brown one as well, really makes it stand out.

Gamers World said...

Love the contrast, I would make another 7 and have 2 squads of five, I know this is a lot of work but start with 2 more then gradually build up.

Wolf Lord Bill said...

Those are wicked. I'm thinking that I'll have to make tzeench demons my next army. I just lament about the days that you could summon demons down with chaos space marine squads as they hop out of their rhino.

jabberjabber said...

Hi Ron,
I agree that the left hand one looks cleaner - I went to deeper blues and generally darker colours to create a wider dynamic range of colours compared to the right hand one.

jabberjabber said...

Hi Gamers World,
Another 7 sounds costly as well as lots of work ... as you say, doing this gradually is the way forward to that aim. Glad you like them :)

jabberjabber said...

Hi Bill,
I too like the Tzeentch daemons almost as much as the Nurgle ones. I hear you on the rhino rush with daemons tactic; ah the old days...

Sigmar said...

I love these screamers. I'm working on a sea based army called the Nauticans and am planning to use them as "manta rays".

Here's the army list:-

Would you mind if I use the screamer photos from your site ?

All the best,
my Warhammer Battle blog

Sigmar said...

whoops, here's the actual link rather than text !

Nautican (unofficial) Warhammer Army list

jabberjabber said...

Hi Sigmar - yes, you're welcome to use the pictures as long as you link back to this site.

I like the look of the Nauticans - great idea!

Sigmar said...

Thanks very much jabberjabber. I have posted the pic and credited your blog.

Nautican Manta RaysThanks again,
(Nautican Warhammer Army designer)

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