Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Burnt-Out Horror of Tzeentch, Take 2

Originally, this horror was intended to be a burnt-out horror that had hotter bits towards the recessed areas and cooler bits on its outer portions. As such, it had some blue paint on it since the colour blue is thermodynamically hotter than white. But it simply didn't look right! Further, there was a fair amount of white showing through on the front of the miniature that also looked a little wrong. I've finally found the time to come back to this potential herald of Tzeentch miniature.

The main issues have been cleared up and the miniature's base has also received much needed attention. As can be seen from the new picture, the mouth has been darkened significantly. This was achieved primarily through careful application of black ink. It is now a deep blue, near black colour, which makes a good contrast with the whiter needle-like teeth.

The tongue of the horror has been changed to red. This was achieved by an application of a white coat followed by red. On top of that, some small amounts of black drybrushing has been applied to give the appearance of some parts of the tongue cooling off.
The white that was showing through from the original undercoat has been inked in yellow. There are now very few areas on the miniature that have white showing through at all.

The base was done with some green flock in the main part, with a number of areas having fine black rubble applied - this is supposed to represent burnt bits where this horror has been treading. Also, in the background of the picture, there are some mini-trees that I created using only a small amount of wire (etc.) as detailed here.

Positives: A much better painted miniature now!
Negatives: The black portions on the base don't really communicate the horror burning the grass out where it has been stomping around and shedding molten bits off. But this isn't a big issue to me.

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