Saturday, October 17, 2009

Plotting Chaos Chosen Load-out

I'm trying to come up with a competitive load-out for some chaos chosen that I'm thinking of assembling. I want to use the Night Lord's standard bearer in the squad and (as a consequence) have the entire squad as Night Lords.

With Chaos Chosen, my thoughts are that their equipment depends critically upon what battlefield role one wants to choose for them. Since it's Night Lords, I wanted a squad that are able to significantly disrupt the back lines of the enemy. Hence their mission is to infiltrate and cause havoc to any heavy support choice.

I started thinking that I'd go down the shooting route (as opposed to the more expensive close combat route) and therefore, I needed meltas for destroying tanks and massed fire for taking out embedded devastator-like squads.

Here's what I came up with:

8 chaos chosen, including 1 aspiring champion with power fist, 1 icon of chaos glory, 2 melta guns, 1 plasma gun, 1 flamer (229 points)
Dedicated Rhino transport with havoc launcher and combi-melta (60 points)

Its slightly expensive, but gives flexibility from the turn that the infiltrate on (i.e. the havoc launcher), and then can get close up to use the melta guns (including on the rhino) to get rid of pesky heavy vehicles, and perhaps tap plasma or flamer hits as required. If they get out to go for a close assault, the champion has a power fist to help out and the icon will (potentially, depending on the rest of the army) bring down lesser daemons and obliterators. Maybe the plasma isn't required for this kind of build? Regardless, its very balanced and a distinct early threat that can draw fire away from the rest of the army.

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