Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Night Lords Standard Bearer?

An interesting idea for a Night Lords icon bearer that had been cooking in the back of my mind for a little while.

Here, I've combined parts from standard chaos space marines (arms, shoulder pads, bolter, bolt pistol and back pack) with a Dark Angles veteran (head, torso and legs) and a banner from Grave Guard (vampire counts range in fantasy battle) that I originally got hold of to create some unique lesser daemons with.

Originally, I had thought to create a unique squad of necromantic chaos space marines, for which this guy would be a natural icon bearer. They'd be "summoning" the grave guard as lesser daemons (raising the dead!). But as I looked at the miniature, it dawned on me that he was looking more and more like a Night Lords veteran. I'm considering painting him up in Night Lords colours and see how he looks. A small squad of Night Lords would be a neat addition to my usual Death Guard troops. So, does this conversion speak "Night Lords" to anyone else?


Chris said...

Looks sweet. I'd definitely steer away from the bat wing helmet if I were going to do Night Lords.

suneokun said...

Looks good. Night-Lords flying in to apply some necrotic raising of the dead - nice. I really applaud you idea of using zombies as lesser deamons - it simply makes sooo much sense for Deathguard... especially when plaguebearers are so pricey and you only get 'vanilla' deamons in C:CSM.

Big D said...

I love the idea of raising skeletons as lesser daemons. That model does have a Night Lords vibe to it - the wings on the skull do it for me.

Chokoman War´amme´ said...

Nice modelling man!
Love that "raise the dead!" thing.
If that isnt a night lord marine, what else would it be?

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