Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mixed Daemons Army Group Photo

A long time ago, I posted an army list for a fun set of "holiday daemons". I figured it was about time that I took a snap of them all in the same place. The picture was tough to take as I couldn't quite get the focus and light levels correct. I'm going to experiment further on that, but if anyone's got any tips for taking some wide-field images, I'd be interested to hear from you!At the centre of the army is the Khorne Hearld, looking resplendent on his Juggernaut, hellblade held aloft. To his left and surrounding him are two units of bloodletters, ready to charge alongside him in to the melee of battle.

To the other side of the Herald are a trio of Tzeentch screamers, hungrily hunting for some heavy armour to blow up with their warp jaws.

In the rear of the image are the anchors of the team: a squad of Nurgle's most pestilent plaguebearers with an icon and instrument alongside a gaggle of warp spawned Tzeentch horrors (again with an instrument and icon, with the Chaos Champion form!). These days, I wouldn't field the horror unit with an instrument, but that's another story.

Finally, we have the two daemon princes. The first is a vintage Great Unclean One, lurking near the plaguebearers. The second, not wanting to go too near Nurgle's followers is an apparent Slaaneshi daemon prince that was reconstituted from a vintage Keeper of Secrets.

This army is a hoot to play with and often gives my opponents a good introduction to what daemons are all about. This army is not supposed to be a killer army and it does struggle against a number of other builds (e.g. anything overly mechanized). But its good fun to play around with!

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