Friday, January 2, 2009

Horror of Tzeentch Icon Bearer

A dedicated miniature for an Icon Bearing Horror of Tzeentch is probably in the pipeline from Games Workshop. In the mean time, here's one representation of this miniature.

As can be seen, the icon is simply the from the plastic chaos space marine sprue and glued on to one of the horror's outstretched limbs -- a good use for an icon that would otherwise lay in the bits box for some time given the lack of Thousand Sons in my chaos marine collection.

The paint paint scheme follows the standard blue-in-pink approach that I worked out some time ago.

The blue horror on the inside of this miniature is probably one of the larger ones of the horror range. The outer portions of the blue horror fade in the the black recesses of the pink horror's mouth to provide additional definition and contrast to the pink's nearly white stretched lips. One of the arms sports flames licking the digits which have been picked out in sunburst yellow, but retaining redder portions in the recessed areas.

The base is unremarkable and simply has green flock mixed in with small white load stones scattered across it.

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Wolf Lord Bill said...

Really Nice! Hot! OH YEAH! . . . I need to get a stamp with these sayings to save time like when I'm grading papers.

jabberjabber said...

Hi Bill - thanks mate! More daemon stuff over the weeks to come. I'm wanting to write up a short posting on the Changeling as my next Tzeentch posting, so stay tuned...

Admiral Drax said...

Hey, Mate,

I loathe and despise all things chaotic...but kudos to you for some great models here!

Just added you to the blog roll...



jabberjabber said...

Thanks Drax, much appreciated :-)

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