Saturday, November 22, 2008

Blue Horror from Pink

Blue horrors of Tzeentch come from pink horrors. What should the base of a blue horror have on it then? A pink horror! Or at least that was the idea that I set out with. I'm not sure whether this'll be my entry to FtW's basing contest, it was simply a thought and and experiment given form to add variety to my Tzeentchian horror pack.

The blue horror is a standard metal horror straight out of the box and assembled in the usual fashion. The base is a combination of milliput, metal horror arms and a bit of scatter. I wanted to create the image of a blue horror stepping out of the mouth of a pink one. The photographs don't quite capture this entirely, but one of the legs of the blue horror is still inside the maw of the pink horror on the ground (locate the pink horror's tongue at the front, near the eye).

This pose was remarkably straight forward to accomplish. The blue horror was glued in to the slottabase in the first instance and allowed to dry before even a blob of milliput was applied. The first thing was creating a maw. This was done by just pushing a two long cylinders of milliput around one of the blue horror's legs to create some "lips" and then sculpting it a bit further to create the maw. Using further rolled cylinders, the flowing tentacle(?) things were laid down around this maw, flowing backward to the rear. A small cylinder was used for the tongue and small depressions in the milliput were created for the eyes whilst it was still malleable. The extra metal arms (that come with the horror boxes) were then placed in. One of them is posed to look like it is trying to claw the blue horror back in, but the blue horror is pushing it back down.

I like the pose of this particular blue horror, it looks like it is screaming at the sky; somewhat annoyed that it has lost its pink outer "shell"! The painting was done in the same manner as outlined previously. The last step was to add a small amount of green scatter where the milliput pink horror was not completely covering the entire base. I'm satisfied overall, but the piece is not exceptional.

I'll need some better images of this model & some touching up of the paintwork if it's going to be entering the FtW basing contest. Regardless, I think that this type of base - one that is interacting with the miniature on top of it - is the way that I'll go.


Gamers World said...

Remember you are not allowed to show us the finished result if you enter it in the FTW contest.

RonSaikowski said...

That's not true. You can post your entry and its progress all over the place.

Just no names or identifiable marks on the actual entry photograph that you submit.


jabberjabber said...

Thanks for the clarifications!

Anyhow, I'm still not sure that this'll be my entry - I've got a few different ideas germinating at the back of my mind now...

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