Friday, November 7, 2008

Khorne Berzerkers in a Rush

When GT2007 was quickly approaching, I needed to come up with a painted unit of Khorne Berzerkers in a rush. This posting details the quick and dirty method that I employed to achieve a tabletop ready quality on my berzerkers. It's most certainly not award-winning stuff - it uses as few colours as possible with the prime directive being to get them ready as soon as possible!

Aims and Model.
The aim here is clear: get a world eaters squad painted up in a rush! The models are standard Khorne Berzerkers with no conversion work applied.

Khorne miniatures have a very well-known colour combination: red, black and brass. These three colours were therefore selected to be the most prominent on the miniatures. In addition, white was used for highlights and silver on some weaponry and recessed areas. That's a paltry five colours.

Here's the run down on the rushed paintwork.
Step 1. Apply a solid black undercoat and make sure that it dries before moving on.
Step 2. Drybrush the joints and weaponry in silver -- paying particular attention to the recessed areas.
Step 3. Select red next. Paint the legs, chest, gloves, and shoulder pads. The only trick to the red stage is to leave a small black boarder showing between the edge of the red and the outer (raised) portion of the shoulder pads.
Step 4. Brass. Paint the raised areas of the shoulder pads and other rimmed areas.
Step 5. White. Use for highlights and anything that requires the Khorne symbol, skulls and so forth. The work is now done. Repeat these steps on the next world eater!

For variation within the squad, I choose brass or black as the prime colour (rather than red) in various locations as can be seen from examining the differences between the two miniatures shown.

These are table ready Khorne berzerkers painted up in a short amount of time: objective fulfilled! They look acceptable on the tabletop with the bold, solid regions of colour being very noticeable. They are certainly Khorne's minions. On closer inspection they clearly lack details that other miniatures in my collection have.


RonSaikowski said...

I like the Khorne symbol you painted on his knee. Just goes to show you, you don't need a hundred colors on a model for it to be "tabletop quality" and done in no time at all.

Nice job.

CrusherJoe said...

Wow, very nice indeed and certainly "tabletop quality". You've inspired me to get crankin' on my 'zerkers, too. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Nice and quick and easy. You often see great big unpainted armies of Khorne Bezerkers so hopefully this'll inspire people to get theirs painted too.

jabberjabber said...

Hi Guys, thanks for the comments. Hopefully this post will inspire readers to get going on their own Berzerkers. The painting scheme is very straight forward and I'd hope that almost everyone reading this would be able to reproduce it.

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