Thursday, November 27, 2008

Daemons of Lesser Powers - Part II: Lesser Daemon Packs

Continuing a series of articles presenting experimental house rules for daemons of lesser powers, today: rules for troops. These lesser daemons are based on the generic daemons from the chaos space marine codex, but transplanted to the daemons codex. As such, they're not very powerful in comparison to the lesser daemons of the big four chaos powers, but can be a handful if ignored.

In the same way as recent codex's have presented some independent characters as being army choice altering, these lesser daemon packs are also affected by the choice of herald in an army.

Lesser Daemons of a Lesser Power (Troops Slot).
Cost: 13 points each

4 4 4 4 1 4 2 10 -/5+
Unit Type: Infantry
Number per squad: 5 to 20

Special Rules: Daemon.
All armed with a single close combat weapon.

Gift one model with: Chaos Icon (+25 pts)
Gift a different model with: Chaos Instrument (+5 pts)
Gift another single model with: Flamer (+10 pts), or Warpfire (+10 pts), or Unholy Might (+5 pts)

(The flamer need not be modelled on the model - it can take the form of a breath attack or similar. However, the model should be at least painted differently from the rest of the pack).

If the force organization chart includes a herald of a lesser power with one of the following options, then all lesser daemon packs may also select it at the following additional costs.
Preferred enemy: mortals (+4 pts per model),
Preferred enemy: daemons and non-mortals (+2 pts per model).
NB: All models within a single pack must be given these upgrades.

A Herald of Malal is given daemons and non-mortals (that includes necrons!) as preferred enemies for fluff reasons. The player may then have any number of lesser daemon packs (up to force organization chart limits) with the same rule that costs 13+2= 15 pts per model.

NB: It is important to differentiate between squads that do or don't have such special rules in 5th edition; perhaps with a different painting scheme or models.

On a related note, I'm personally thinking about using some vampire counts grave guard as generic lesser daemons in my chaos space marine forces in the future. That's a story for another day, though.

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