Saturday, November 29, 2008

Raptor Painting and Conversion Update

Today's short posting is an update on the winged chaos marine raptor squad that I've been working on recently, in pictorial form. There are now 2 raptors with melta guns, an icon bearer (Khorne), and a flying raptor. Total points cost for these 4, in addition to the aspiring champion with power fist that I already had, works out at 190 points painted so far. I'll be making up a few more raptors to add to this squad in the future. But for now here's the update picture:

I like these models! They're not quite as cool as the raptor lord with the chaos arm bit for a head, but that's all good since they will help that miniature to stand out a bit more from the crowd. Even without the mark of Khorne, these raptors are all set for tank and dreadnought hunting duties on the tabletop.

Previous postings concerning these models can be found here: Lord of the Raptors, Statistics-1 and Statistics-2.


sovietspace said...

I am loving these models! They really stand out as different from the crowd, which is always cool. The look of murderous intent on the raptor on the far right is great.

As there any details on your blog on how you converted these guys? I'm interested to know where the wings are from?

Anyway, great work here, good luck with the rest of the squad.

jabberjabber said...

Hi mate, glad you like these miniatures!

Some of the details on how to construct them are contained within
They basically amount to standard chaos marine parts, a couple of parts from warhammer fantasy chaos warriors, with a pair of metal warhammer fantasy harpy wings.

The miniatures are glued together first, but without the rear torso and backpack. The metal wings are put in to place with a good blob of greenstuff and sit in the location that would ordinarily be occupied with the backpack and rear torso components.

Hope that helps, and let me know if you've any more questions.

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