Sunday, November 2, 2008

FtW November Challenge Idea

The challenge for the FtW blogger group this month is to come up with a scenario for a 40k game. I've been toying with a few ideas at the back of my mind and have decided on one that I think has the most mileage and is more readily turned in to an enjoyable scenario for the players concerned: I call it Gauntlet.

The idea is that the Gauntlet scenario is a small part of a much larger narrative campaign. Some action in the campaign has already taken place: a lightning raid by the protagonists to steal (or liberate?) an important artifact, or the keycodes to the planetary defence lasers (etc.); all in preparation for a key assault on another part of the planet.

The Gauntlet scenario catches up with the action as the protagonists try to make good on their escape with the artifact in hand. Word of their raid, however, has reached the local authorities who have dispatched what little forces they have in the area to try to take down the band of thieves. Do the protagonists escape with the loot? Or do the local militia manage to catch up with them? The race is on. Either way, there's bound to be repercussions that will determine future action.

As I'm still out of town (with intermittent net access), that's all for today; but stay tuned as I've scheduled a few posts to occur over the coming days in my absence. I'll be developing this idea in to a full scenario, as time permits, in the next week or so and will post it here.


Gamers World said...

I have made a scenario simaler to this and have posted it on my blog, it's called behind enemy lines under the label attack campain. here is my blog address so you can find it.

jabberjabber said...

Nice work on behind enemy lines - thanks for the pointer.

I'm going to try to make my version significantly different and I do hope that you'll enjoy it. I've just got to find the time to write it up now.

In making it different, I'm going to make the protagonists assign the "loot" to a particular miniature. The twist is that the opposing player won't know which one until the end.

PS: belated happy birthday!

Gamers World said...

Thanks for making it different and saying happy birthday.

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