Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Representing Generic Lesser Daemons

What type of daemon should a chaos space marine player use to represent generic lesser daemons in their army? There's plenty of choice, ranging from plaguebearers and nurglings through to bloodletters, daemonettes, and horrors of Tzeentch.

What about other daemons? Can fiends of Slaanesh be used to depict lesser daemons on the battlefield? The rules do not specify which models can and should be used for generic lesser daemons. However, the pictures in the chaos space marine codex implies that it should be one of the typical lesser daemons. As such, almost any model in the standard chaos daemons range that is not a greater daemon could be used (i.e. since generic greater daemons are a different, distinct entry in the chaos space marine codex).

Reading Bell of Lost Souls, this idea is taken further by mixing together different daemons (specifically plaguebearers and nurglings) to create a minor advantage (larger charge threat range) due to the difference in size of their bases. How common this stratagem is, I'm uncertain.

Recently, I've been thinking that other miniatures could be used if mounted on circular bases. As I suggested in an earlier post on daemons of lesser powers, grave guard from the vampire counts range could certainly make interesting looking lesser daemons - perhaps for necromantic chaos space marines?

Skeletons and ghouls could also be utilized for the same (necromantic) chaos space marines. What about something more exotic? Would lizard men and skinks be appropriate under the standard "counts as" tournament rule? What sort of chaos space marine would summon lizard men...? How about squigs from the goblin range? They'd look distinctive and cool. But what narrative would the chaos space marines have there?


Ryan said...

For my Black Legion I was considering just a mix of the lesser daemons, and was planning when I got around to a different Undivided force to go with Furies, should I decide to take lesser daemons. The Grave Guard idea, however, sounds real good, and I might have to use that!

Anonymous said...

The only problem with using Squigs is that Ork armies usually have a Squig or five kicking about it them, though I did see someone online somewhere who used Squigs with Genestealer arms to make little gribbly beasties. In my Chaos Marine army, which is Slaaneshi themed, I used the older crab-claw Daemonettes which work quite well.

David said...

Night Goblins! Just paint them red or blue or yellow. You can give them some green stuff tails, and turn their spears into pitch forks.

jabberjabber said...

Hi Folks, thanks for the feedback and thoughts! I reckond I'll try out some grave guard and see how they look. I'll post the results on the blog at a later date - watch this space!

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