Thursday, January 8, 2009

Daemon Prince of Nurgle Project - Part I: The Plan

Dear Santa,

Thank you very much for the goodies that you gave me this Christmas. I promise to cook more for me wife in return.

I was a very lucky boy for Christmas: my wife gave me the plague ogryns of Nurgle set from Forge World. I'm intending on converting one of them in to a Daemon Prince of Nurgle to lead forth plague marines on their never-ending quest to sow the seeds of fear amongst the mortal realms. Either that, or be a unique heavy support choice in a daemons cohort. Or even a Herald of Nurgle at a stretch of the imagination and use of the "counts as" rule.

Here's the picture of the bits directly from Forge World. Also included are a massive pair of dragon wings. Yep - this is going to be a flying Daemon Prince of Nurgle.

The plan is broadly straight forward: assemble the plague ogryn as normal. Then attach the dragon wings to its back. I need to figure out where on the back to attach the wings - perhaps about the shoulders, or slightly back from them. The rear of the torso is detailed with various Nurglesque sculptings, so I don't want to obscure too much of them either. I'll have to have a think.

I am also tempted to make the wings themselves look more Nurglesque. This could be achieved through the use of greenstuff as well as a hobby knife to put some holes in the wings and generally make them more tattered looking and pus ridden. On the other hand, they look grand as is and a decent pain job could render them suitable looking for Nurgle regardless.

More posts on this project as it progresses!


Anonymous said...

Ah, the infamous dragon wings... I used them on a flyrant once upon a time. They look like they'll be a good fit on that mini, can't wait to see it!

jabberjabber said...

I have got a soft spot for the dragon wings - they certainly look fantastic on large monstrous creatures like hive tyrants!

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