Saturday, January 17, 2009

1000 points of Holiday Daemons

Here's one version of the list of daemons that I used over the vaction period recently. I don't think it is terribly optimized, but it has fared incredibly well, much to my surprise.

Herald of Khorne on Juggernaut, blessings of the blood god (110)

7 Bloodletters; deployed with the Herald (112)
8 Bloodletters (128)
7 Plaguebearers, icon, instrument (135)
10 Horrors, icon, Changeling, instrument (205)

Fast Attack:
3 Screamers (48)

Heavy Support:
Daemon Prince, daemonic gaze, iron hide (130)
Daemon Prince, daemonic gaze, iron hide (130)

Primary wave: Herald with 7 bloodletters, Horrors, Screamers, 1 Prince
Secondary wave: Plaguebearers, 8 bloodletters, 1 Prince

The idea behind the waves is that whichever one winds up being deployed first, there will be one icon lodged in a tough squad (horrors with a 4+ invulnerable save or plaguebearers with high toughness and feel no pain) and a daemon prince to be a fire magnet.

On turn 2, if the bloodletters can charge multiple units then the tactic that I use is to break off the herald from the squad (as an independent character) to engage as many opposing squads as possible. The screamers meanwhile will move to engage tanks or armoured walkers.

Later in the game, I will try to deep strike or maneouver either the plaguebearers or the horrors on to an objective (if required) and then (a la Saim-Hann) contest any other objectives with whatever miniatures I happen to have left over.

The real "hit" of this army is that an opponent will often perceive the daemon princes and the icons are the things they should go after. They should really be shooting up and charging the bloodletters if at all possible - they are the ones that will take apart any infantry they encounter. This list will, and has struggled against pure horde armies and pure mechanized armies however. But that's alright for an all-round army for casual, fun games.

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