Sunday, January 11, 2009

Warp Hornets Terminator Champion

My Warp Hornets renegade chapter contains many older style miniatures and, admittedly, they're not as well painted as my newer collection. The picture below shows a terminator champion of the Warp Hornets. In the language of the old Chaos Marine Codex, he had daemonic visage and a daemonic mutation. In the new codex, I simply field him as baseline terminator champion.

In the days before the release of the chaos terminator plastic boxed set, I purchased the loyalist marines and set about converting them. This is in keeping with the background of this chapter - they've only recently turned to chaos so it is understandable that there may well be a number of imperial markings that have not fully been got rid of.

For the daemonic visage, I simply did a head swap and stuck one of the heads from the daemonic mutations sprue in to place. For the daemonic mutation, his left arm has also been replaced with a different component from the same mutations sprue - an arm that branches in to two. For the lower arm, I chopped off the hand and replaced it with a power sword from a standard chaos marine. The shoulder pad for this arm is from the standard chaos marine sprue, rather than a terminator shoulder pad. The other added bits include a scabbard and a cloak from the warhammer fantasy chaos warriors range. I also added a number of spines coming out from the shoulder pads - these were cut from unused chaos marine helmets.
The model follows the standard approach for my Warp Hornets chapter: predominantly yellow with black in the recessed and blue (or red) for the contrast colour. In addition, I used gold here to highlight a number of areas around the miniature including the shoulder pad and rear of the legs.

A square base!?! Yes - it wouldn't be tournament legal these days without permission, but its okay in friendly games. The base is covered in a random array of green flock, woodland scenics clump foliage and stones intended for a fishtank.

This model's heyday was years ago. Its highlight was in GT2007, but I haven't used it outside Apocalypse games since. Despite that, I'm still fond of this model and get it out for friendly games occasionally along with its cohort of other terminators.


Matt said...

Looks cool, I like the older models they give the feel that that man has been around and seen some things. The added spikes and such give him a great chaos feel. Good job

jabberjabber said...

Thanks! I like the idea that this fella recently turned traitor, but had seen plenty of action previously.

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