Sunday, January 25, 2009

Epidemius and Aura of Decay

The Issue: If a player using Epidemius racks up 20 kills using followers of Nurgle, then the tally chart says "All attacks from followers of Nurgle ignore armour saves."

Does this mean only hand-to-hand close combat attacks, or also shooting and ranged attacks? For example, would Aura of Decay mean a strength 2 hit with no save allowed? How about in an Apocalypse game where daemons are playing on the same side as plague marines -- do plague marine's bolters effectively become AP 1? (Streuth!)

Locally, ever since the release of codex: daemons, we've been playing using that interpretation (i.e. both close combat and ranged attacks are affected) - but is it correct / accurate, and is it how other people out there play?


jabberjabber said...

...certainly looks like other folks use the same reading:

Gamers World said...

I think that is the rules but it could get over powered in apoc.

jabberjabber said...

Although I guess for Apoc, a well placed vortex grenade would take care of Epidemius. He'd be a prime target for all opponents, afterall.

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