Thursday, January 1, 2009

Forward Planning

Happy New Year! Warpstone Flux is back. Over the vacation, I got in a good few games (mostly with codex: daemons), got a few miniatures from Santa (via my wife!), and entered a conversion contest (with the reconsitituted Keeper of Secrets) (didn't win, but had a good showing!). More on those topics at a later point in time perhaps.

It's now 2009, and I think I need to consider what army (or armies?) I'm going to be working on this year. Ideally, I want to build up to GT2009 ... which I'm guessing will be around the end of June or start of July locally. The points cost I'm aiming for is 1500.

The choices - and the dilemma - that I have in front of me are:
(1) Generic Chaos Space Marines (with or without vehicles; with or without daemons; with or without Cult Troops Squads).
(2) Death Guard (with or without vehicles; with or without daemons).
(3) Daemons (mixed, or most combinations of the Big Four).
(4) Nurgle Daemons (an Epidemius focused army list).

There is a fifth choice as well:
(5) something new. I've no idea what that could be, but I suspect either tyranids or genestealer-ork hybrids (using codex: orks). Undoubtably, genestealer-ork hybrids appeal to me greatly since they're an uncommon idea.

Options 1 and 2 give me a lot of flexibility. It means I probably won't have to paint up all that many models (beyond what I decide to paint-strip) or purchase many new ones either. They are what I'm used to and what I enjoy playing. A revised mechanized (i.e. >3 vehicles) Death Guard list is something I'm edging toward as I had a very enjoyable GT2008 with them. I do wonder if they stack up favourably in the modern metagame though, but that is of less concern to me.

Option 3 will require some more painting compared to the previous options, but similarly I'm used to playing daemons, I have a reasonable feel for them, and I probably won't have to purchase too many more.

Option 4 might be interesting and is something I've not done before. It is probably the only mono-chaos power list I'm in a decent position to create without a good outlay of more cash. I have the model for Epidemius, but I'd need to purchase some more plaguebearers in all likelihood.

Option 5 honestly fills me with dread. How many orks (or tyranids) would I need to purchase and paint over 6 months? Probably too many. I think I'm happy just making up a few ork hybrids from the bits box for small (200 odd point) skirmishes. So, I'm going to safely rule out option 5 right here and now. Perhaps it is something for GT2010 or later this year, perhaps not. At least writing this posting up has helped me eliminate that thought, if nothing else. However, as and when I model a new ork hybrid (or complete a small squad of them), I will post the results here.

I'm going to aim to write a minimum of 1 post per fortnight on my progress to GT2009 for the next 5 months or so.

For other posts, my resolution is to maintain my usual level of postings on painting, conversions, tactics, FtW group articles, and other w40k related items as in 2008. The (non-exclusive) focus will still be on Chaos in its myriad forms. Of course, some weeks are going to be less intense than others, but my resolution is to aim for a long-term average of 3 postings per week, at minimum.

One of my other aims for Warpstone Flux in 2009 is to follow up on the "Daemons of Lesser Powers" series and move toward scripting a minidex on lesser powers and gaming on daemon-worlds.

Is there anything else that readers would like to see from Warpstone Flux in 2009 that is not covered by the above? Or would you like more of a particular type of posting (tactics?; monstrous creature conversions?; etc?).
As always, your opinions & feedback are welcome! (Please remember to be polite as minors read this blog regularly!)

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Nice to see you posting again keep up the good work.

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