Monday, January 19, 2009

Daemons of Lesser Powers - Part IV: Greater Daemons

Creating a greater daemon requires a vast outlay of power for the nascent chaos power. Therefore in creating some rules for generic greater daemons, the first point to make is that they will be very rare. This means that they must be restricted to a maximum of 1 per army or force organization chart.

As with the lesser daemons, I want the generic greater daemon to have many options, but be restricted to choosing only a few. The guiding principle is that they should be much less powerful than the greater daemons of the Big Four.

Greater Daemon of a Lesser Power (HQ slot)
Cost: 100 points

8 0 6 6 4 4 5 10 -/4+
Unit Type: Monstrous Creature
Number per army: 1 (unique).

Special Rules: Daemon.
Armed with a single close combat weapon (i.e. claws, teeth, horns, etc.).

The daemon may select ONE of the following psychic powers:
Daemonic Gaze (+20 pts), Breath of Chaos (+30 pts), Boon of Mutation (+30 pts)

In addition, the daemon may select TWO of the following options:
Iron Hide (+15 pts), Daemonic Flight (+60 pts), Unholy Might (+20 pts)
Instrument of Chaos (+5 pts), Chaos Icon (+25 pts), Power weapon (+20 pts), Preferred enemy: mortals (+30 pts), Preferred enemy: daemons and non-mortals (+25 pts)

Modelling Suggestions.
From Warhammer Fantasy Battle: Be'Lakor and the Dragon Ogre Shaggoth. Although frankly, any other weird and wonderful conversions that look suitably warp-spawned would be good!

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