Monday, January 12, 2009

Narrowing it down

In my first post of the New Year, I was thinking about which army I wanted to take to GT2009. I narrowed it down from 5 to 4 quite rapidly. Today, I'm going to narrow it down to two.

Adam's article on which army to choose a few days back made for very interesting reading for me (thanks mate!). I'm ticking all the three main boxes with my choices - I like them, I believe they're competitive, and I enjoy painting them.

So, I had two Daemons choices and two Chaos Space Marine choices. I think it's fair to eliminate at least two. Looking at the Chaos Marine choices first, I had thought about generic marines and Death Guard. Generic Chaos Space Marines might(?!) be the best troops in the game at the moment. But with apologies to the Warp Hornets, I think I've had enough of them for the time being. If I'm going to take Chaos Marines, then I'm going to take Death Guard. They're themed, they offer a plethora of conversion opportunities and they look good on the battlefield. Death Guard are also more challenging to master given their higher points cost per model; and I like that - they're like Death Wing in that respect. (side topic: I'd be interested in hearing from Death Guard and Death Wing players as to how they go about tackling horde armies... orks, tyranids and so forth).

For the daemons, I was deciding between a mixed list versus a mono-Nurgle Epidemius list. The downside for the Nurglesque list is the (dollar) cost involved - i.e. I'd probably have to purchase a good load more plaguebearers. Plus, I really don't have a good feeling as to what is a solid build, or what might constitute an obvious concession. Do Beasts of Nurgle have a place? Or are points better spent on more daemon princes, plaguebearers and nurglings? Probably the latter, but that's only a knee-jerk reaction. To crystallize that thought: I don't have the gaming experience with a mono-Nurgle list yet. Whereas I do with mixed daemons.

Mono-Nurgle is still on my list of army builds that I want to create and play with, though. I'll be working on it more during the year and maybe next year too.

So, my choice for GT2009 is now between Death Guard and mixed daemons.

(Aside, it looks like GT2009 will be in mid-September if held at GenCon Oz, Qld, like last year - so I've got more time on my hands than I previously thought... perhaps Epidemius isn't totally ruled out?!? Hmmmm, choices choices....).


RonSaikowski said...

Deathwing or a low count model army against hordes can be tough.

While you have the superior troops, you are lacking the bodies to throw at the enemy and every casualty you take severely hampers your ability to wage war where the other guy can lose 20 plus guys without batting an eye.

I've found that with my Deathwing, the concept of applying overwhelming firepower or concentrating on certain enemy units one at a time until they are "gone" has worked well.

You need to choose your targets carefully too. Just because you can eliminate an enemy unit doesn't mean success if you haven't targeted the correct one.

With my all-infantry Deathwing I made sure to support my individual units with other units and overlap their fire zones. You try not to ever leave someone out there on their own... a wise enemy will see this and make you pay for it.

Adam Hunter said...

Thanks mate. Glad my article could be of help.

jabberjabber said...

Hi Ron - thanks for the valuable thoughts on Death Wing. You're dead right about focussing the firepower on one unit at a time and choosing the targets with due care.

At the moment, I usually try to take plenty of template weapons with my Death Guard to make up for the lack of sheer firepower.

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