Saturday, September 19, 2009

Flamer of Tzeentch Painting (Classic Look)

Whilst the arms were fiddlesome to attach to these daemons, the paint job proved equally challenging. My aim with my first flamer of Tzeentch was to go for a "classic" look -- i.e. a blue torso that progressively blends in to whiter colours to the lower "skirt" portion of the model.
The first choice I made was to undercoat the model in white. I don't usually do this - I much prefer black to undercoat models in as it hides the nooks and crannies in dark colours. I tend to only use white as the undercoat when I want some extra vibrant colours or most of the model in question is to be done in white-ish colours.

The upper torso was basecoated in ultramarine blue, the lower half in white. I then wet blended the two in to once another and applied a blue wash to the entire model. The model was then highlighted progressively to bring out the shape of the torso.

In the final stages, the bright red and yellow flames were added in alongside the finer details of the models eyes and teeth. Whilst the teeth aren't quite at the correct level of contrast and crispness, I'm very happy with the wet blending that I've achieved on this model.


harreh said...

Nice work! The blending really does look good, even in photos, which usually make blending look awful. The teeth and flame in the second photo look really good too.


Raptor1313 said...

Maybe it's the photo, but the flames look like they might benefit from some yellow touch-up.

That aside, it's some sharp work, and there's nothing wrong with seeing some classic paint jobs.

I hear you 110% on the arms, though. DAMN if they are not fiddly to attach. A ball 'n' socket joint is FINE for plastic models where you can go plastic cement, and weld 'em.

On metal models, it means a slight jar is a loss of an arm.

jabberjabber said...

Thanks folks! I'll have another look at the yellow in the warm light of day and see about adding some more to it. Cheers!

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