Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Vindicator Line Breaker Formations

At 100 points with the models on top (minimum of 3), a Vindicator Line Breaker Formation in Apocalypse seems like a good deal. I've used this formation frequently when I play Apocalypse as (to be honest), I am fond of my models that I painted up!

For those 100 extra points, you get a formation that comes on the board together and can use the apocalyptic blast marker. They're particularly useful for destroying buildings and wiping out large squads of pesky genestealers / horde creatures. In apocalypse, I've tended to use them in the building destruction mode the most.

The building destruction mode is particularly effective -- not only can it wipe away the building, but can also kill any models inside that are (for instance) otherwise holding an objective comfortably. Teamed up with some heavy flamers from a terminator squad (or similar), this formation can make very short work of stubborn models crouching in cover.

In a pinch, they can also go (heavy) tank hunting. With strength of 10, there's not many tanks who are going to be immune to their blasts. But as the central hole veers off target, then its not much use (but might still get nearby troops).

Hence, when I use this formation, I really do go all out to take buildings down. But I do have another motive... Let me be honest: there's something very satisfying about removing whole terrain features from the board in an Apocalypse game -- we don't get to do that very often in standard games! Perhaps its just the general lunacy of apocalypse games that pushes me down the "must destroy buildings with objectives inside" route?


suneokun said...

Gotta agree with that, after all someone has to blow up half the scenery just so I can drive my super-heavy behemoth towards the enemy...

If I were to buy a super heavy, I think I'd go with a Gorgon... its rubbish - but a 3 structure point monster assault vehicle with 25 termies or Orgyrns with PF commissars inside can't be wrong.

oni said...

I don't play Apoc. but I like your Vidicators a lot. :)

Raptor1313 said...

Blowing up a building is great fun.

Blowing up a building while an enemy is inside the building? Even better.

Vindicators are just plain fun, and in apocalypse there might actually be other things that draw fire off them.

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