Friday, September 25, 2009

About a Soul Grinder's Legs

A number of my miniatures have long since been painted and my blog is now a little behind in chronicling my progress on them. Nonetheless, I wanted to show what happened when I started to paint the legs of my Soul Grinder. In the previous part, I showed how I was going about painting this miniature in a Khorne style -- reds, blacks and brass colours. For the legs of the machine beast, I wanted to continue in this theme, but add in some suggestions of fire. So using red as the basis for the open field on the legs and "thighs" (if I can call them that), I painted on top some small streaks of oranges and yellows to suggest something with a magma-like quality. Not too dissimilar to the theme of my bloodletter's hellblades on the whole.

The rim of the open fields was painted in a subdued golden colour (with a metallic paint) and the other black parts from the undercoat were drybrushed in boltgun metal and silver colours. I'm tempted to got over a few of the harder edges of the metallic parts with a fine white line to suggest some glinting in the starlight.

Other details included the piping in green, the chaos star on the knee joint in a cream colour and the further fleshy parts in a style similar to the main torso of the soul grinder. I'll get the (whole) finished product blogged about in the near future.

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