Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Horus Cloning

Here's a question for all of you out there that enjoy talking about the warhammer 40,000 background: What motivation did the Emperor's Children have for cloning Horus?

Minor related questions: How did they get a hold of Horus' body in the first place to clone him? Where did the technology come from to clone him?

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Raptor1313 said...

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Why clone horus?
You could always hope you get his powers back with the deal. I mean, if it really, really works out right, you get a restart button on the Heresy. And, you get a rallying beacon.

Of course, there's always the issue of doing strange things WITH Horus, assuming Bile's still hanging with them.

How did they get the body?
Don't need the whole thing; you just need a little bit. I don't think the Emperor took Horus' body off the battle-barge (as I don't think anyone was all 'MUST KEEP THEM FROM CLONING HORUS! BURN THE BOdy! at the time).

Where did the tech come from?
I think that the tech is the least worrisome of the questions. I mean, when you get down to it, it's taking his DNA and putting it into an egg, and if we in our time can do that to a sheep? I think folks that make Space Marines can do that as well.

rogue.trader.voril said...

Horus's death broke the Sons of Horus' morale, and they were the first of the Traitor Legions to retreat from Terra, an act that would earn them the hatred of all the other Traitor Legions. The Legion re-grouped on a world inside the Eye of Terror. There they built a fortress-tomb for the safe-keeping of the Warmasters corpse and even in death still revered him as their commander. Nobody was appointed in his place and the Captains of the Legion would offer sacrifices and pray for guidance in his shrine.

The Sons of Horus were initially the most aggressive Legion against the Imperium, as if to atone for their previous cowardice on Terra. The Sons dedicated themselves not to one single Chaos Power, but constantly shifted their allegiance to whatever god suited them at the time. Marines willingly became possessed by the Chaos gods' daemons; with every change in loyalty, the daemons of the rejected god abandoned the hosts, leaving them lifeless husks. The once great Legion constantly dwindled in number, until they neared extinction. Eventually the desperate experimentation and research by the Legion's Sorcerer-Librarians uncovered a method of possession that did not destroy the mortal host, saving the Legion.

The Traitor Legions, along with the restored but still numerically inferior Sons of Horus, became embroiled in a series of internecine wars triggered by the Emperor's Children, culminating in the destruction of the Sons' fortress. To the disgust of the Sons of Horus, the Warmaster's corpse was taken by the Emperor's Children and several clones were created by Fabius Bile.

At this point Abaddon, Captain of the 1st Company (himself rumoured to be a clone of Horus), took the position of Warmaster. Under him, the Sons rejected Horus's name and painted their armor black. Incidentally, Abaddon's elite elements of the Legion's 1st Company had already worn black armor.

Abaddon led the new "Black Legion" in a lightning raid, destroying the corpse and the clones of the Warmaster. The Legion fled onboard their remaining space barge into further exile. They have raided the Eye of Terror and the Imperium ever since.


The Emperors Children had been genetically "modifying" themselves since before the actual heresy broke out. It was considered against the rules but they had the tech to do it.

jabberjabber said...

Thanks for the feedback guys!
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