Monday, March 9, 2009

Bloodletters of Khorne Squad

Here they are in their resplendent blood red colours coupled with their lava-like hellblades: a finished squad of bloodletters of Khorne.
Many of the bases are from back-2-basix -- I think they offset the dynamic positioning of the bloodletters wonderfully well. Their colours certainly scream Khorne to me and that can be as intimidating to opponents as seeing eldar jet-bikes in Saim-Hann colours. They demand to be dealt with and not underestimated.


Andy said...

Excellent timing, my son and i just bought a box of bloodletters yesterday for his Chaos army.
It's great to see some so nicely painted, and with your other post about constructing them hopefully his will come out well.

RonSaikowski said...

Nice job, I like the contrasting tounges for a bit of color.

Of course the bases are nice too.

Cawshis Clay said...

Everytime I see a well painted squad of Bloodletters, I feel this urge to start up a demon army…and these guys scream "you can do it!"

Really spectacular reds and bone colors, WSF. I love them!

jabberjabber said...

Hi Folks - thanks for the comments!

Andy: good luck with your box of bloodletters!

Ron: I was tempted to paint the tongues black as per the old realms of chaos books .... but the coloured tongues gives better definition and variation between the models which I like.

Cawshis: I think daemon armies are cool and I can thoroughly recommend starting an army of them. They just play so very differently to every other army out there.

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