Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another Ork Tyranid Hybrid

"I waz gonna say sumfink, but last time we 'ad a fight, 'is 'eadbutt nocked out seven of me teef. I waz like skint for weeks."

--Attributed to one of the boyz who thought that the new hybrid lot were a bit un-orky.
I'm beginning to warm to the idea of ork / tyranid / genestealer hybrids! This one is a standard ork boy, with a tyranid warrior head part. They've been put together with a combination of glue and milliput (greenstuff). A very, very simple conversion all in all. Yet, somehow, very effective. The tyranid warrior's head perfectly suits the size of the ork's head and fits snugly over the top. For me, it really communicates the concept that I thought about in the original posting I made on this idea. The paint scheme follows the previous one: purple skin, with some Khorne runes here and there from plundered parts. The tyranid head was outlined in ultramarine blue and given some thin line streaks toward the rear of the the head in a grey colour. Otherwise, the painting was rather similar to the previous ork hybrid.


RonSaikowski said...

I don't know about this one... I like the model, I don't know if I like the "idea" of combining Orks and Tyranids.
Doesn't seem proper.

But you are right, the scale between the two is spot on for combining bits.

jabberjabber said...

I think I might make up a unit of these guys and see how they look all mingled together - a rag tag bunch of mutated ork tyranid misfits... perhaps they're the future for the Octavius sector...

The Great Unwashed said...

Hi there! Glad to hear I wasn't the only one doing this, lovely stuff!

I had an idea similar to this ages ago, except I went for weapon swaps.

You can see more of them over at Golden Throne here:

Lovely work!

suneokun said...

I like the concept - but I'm not sure about the execution... what I would suggest would be a variant on the BoLs genestealer cult army.

Genestealers+Humans=hyper intelligent psychic hybrids.


This is where I get stuck, you need an unique hybrid generation 'identity' between each hybrid.

The first generation would be more genestealer, but does 3/4 genestealer plus 1/4 ork? What does that mean? In addition, the Ork 'fungal' (read incredible hulk) metabolism would be affected by the genestealer genes how?

My money would be on hyper-genestealer Nobs, T4 A3 rending claws as standard. Chances are that the 'tyranid dna' would exploit the fearless/insane ork angle giving you big (expensive) lethal ork hybrids.

I would then suggest the following combinations:

Gretchin/Termagaunt Hybrid. Effectively cheap fearless Termagaunts with T2, S2 but access to the spinefists/fleshborers etc.

Biovores: These are apparently Ork genes in practice. Suggest these are expanded and perhaps giving more direct fire weapons. Perhaps allowing 1-3 x 3.

An Ork Hybrid Carnifex would be a hoot. Squigs and Squiggoths all form the same 'genepool' as orks, so how about combining some traits there.

This would be so much fun...

eriochrome said...

Looks interesting. Love to see a whole unit with crazy conversions just for show.

jabberjabber said...

Wow - that split everyone's opinion! But a split opinion is a good thing - hopefully I can learn from both sides!

Great Unwashed: thanks for the links! I like the weapon swaps and the green stuff work - great! I'll probably try similar things out. Cheers!

Suneokun: Thanks for the long reply!! You make a number of valid points - particularly about the "generations" of hybrid genestealer. I think if (and its a BIG "if") ultimately I decide to field an army based on these models, I'd like it to follow or adopt Codex: Orks. I might try modelling a few more miniatures and simply see how they look. Could be some good fun combining more ork parts and tyranid parts! An ork - tyranid carnifex ... wow!

Eriochrome: Yep - I might make up a unit of these critters ... but it probably won't be for a good while yet; but stay tuned!

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