Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Painted Forge World Death Guard Plague Marine

This post follows-on from the assembling stage posted last month. The paint job is not one of my best, in my opinion. I used some browns and greens, but made a mistake of having a little too much yellow on the highlights - particularly around the helmet and the cream leg edging.

On the next plague marine I paint, I'm going to revert back to greens in the main part, and steer well clear of yellows for highlights! Still, perhaps the minor yellow additions to the helmet are not so bad. They could just be the general muck sourced from the inside of an unclean rhino or cramped land raider, coupled with Nurgling fluids. I feel I can do much better than this though. Mustn't rush so much.


Cannonfodder said...

The picture is quite dark but it looks like a camosheme. Interesting aproach although I agree with you. The yellow is likely too bright

oni said...

I agree, it's hard to really see the model in this picture, but from what I can see... I think he looks good.

jabberjabber said...

The miniature is about that dark: I'd have to photoshop the image to make it lighter :)
I think its always good to analyze mistakes and what doesn't work - the next one will be better as a result!

oni said...

Sounds like a good philosophy to me. Have you tried using Google's Picasa to do simple photo editing? It works nicely for simple edits like colour correction and lighting.

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