Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Obliterator Conversion Painting

I finally got around to painting the converted obliterator and basing it. The general aim was to make sure that the obliterator was not out of place in either of a generic chaos space marine army, or a Death Guard army. Not that obliterators have Nurgle's Rot, but I wanted this one to have just enough of a rusted feeling to indicate that they've been hanging around plague marines for a while.
The obliterator's armour is painted in a rusted colour scheme: basecoated in graveyard earth and inked in black and brown. The highlights are done in mixtures of bleached bone with a number of shades of brown, working up to nearly pure skull white on (e.g.) parts of the rim of the lower legs.

The blue "flesh" parts were basecoated in ultramarine blue and inked deep blue in to the recesses. I think the blue provides a nice contrast colour to the otherwise dull rusted colours. Moreover, it matches up with the blue coloured plasma coils that I've used on my Death Guard plasma gunners. Highlights were added from a blend of ultramarine blue with white.

There are numerous small details that were done in other colours, ranging from orange power pipework, metallic cabling and weapons, and yellow missiles. I'm happy with the overall result and have already fielded this obliterator on a couple of battlefields.


Cawshis Clay said...

That is a really nice looking obliterator! Usually the ones I see are that pink-fleshy color...I like your blue-take on it. Really tightens up the conversion in my opinion!

jabberjabber said...

Thanks mate! :)

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