Monday, March 16, 2009

Beasts of Nurgle in Mono-Nurgle Daemons?

Do Beasts of Nurgle have a place in a Epidemius' mono-Nurgle daemons army list?

In deciding on collecting an Epidemius army (eventually), I've been debating the answer to the above question recently. Here's some thoughts on the question.

(1) In comparison to plaguebearers, they probably work out favourably. Their points cost is slightly more than double than a plaguebearer's. For that price tag, we get the same statistic line, apart from an extra wound and d6 attacks. Both are infantry, both have poisoned attacks, feel no pain (etc.). So, we're looking at an extra wound and about an extra 2.5 attacks (on average). The potential for lots of extra attacks is probably what makes this daemon worthwhile.

(2) Unlike plaguebearers, they cannot claim objectives. They're an elites selection.

(3) They have a large base size (40mm). This can be a double edged sword for daemon packs. It grants a marginal increase in charging range at the expense of a larger "deep-strike footprint" -- meaning they're more likely to cover a difficult terrain area when crashing real space from the Warp.

The conclusion that I come to is that they are worthwhile. But - like many of my daemon army lists - it is a matter of scale. I'll probably not play mono-Nurgle daemons at a 1000 points value game. The reason is that Epidemius' tally will not increase significantly, and/or fast enough. At 1500 points, it just about starts to get worthwhile depending on how you build the Epidemius' list (i.e. plenty of plaguebearers, with perhaps some room for beasts and nurglings). At 2000 points it is a comfortable yes since we don't have to choose between marked daemon princes, Great Unclean Ones (etc.). Apocalypse: you bet.


eriochrome said...

How of Beasts of Nurgle used? Are they single mini units or are their packs of them? I have one for a Blood Bowl team but they seem like a pretty expensive way to make a several mini unit.

Cawshis Clay said...

I love me some Nurgle....though I don't play them. I just love their aesthetic!

I'm not familiar with the Epid. army is just all nurgle and the more nurgle, the stronger Eppy gets?

jabberjabber said...

Hi Guys,

Eriochrome: Beasts of Nurgle can be taken in packs of 1 to 7. They're an elites choice for daemons. They sure can be expensive to make a several miniature unit which is why I thought about it. In mixed daemons, it has bloodcrushers or fiends over beasts of Nurgle every time.

Cawshis Clay: The more kills that followers of Nurgle inflict, the more powerful *everything* with the mark of Nurgle becomes; provided Epi' remains alive and on the board. Plaguebearers with the equivalent of power weapons that wound on 2+ with poisoned re-rolls are insane...

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