Sunday, March 15, 2009

Warp Hornets Icon Bearer

A very long time ago, I created this icon bearer for my Warp Hornets chaos renegade chapter. Attesting to its age, the paint job is certainly not the quality of my latter day painting skills. Regardless, like many of my Warp Hornets chapter, I've used it many times and even took it to GT2007.

I've dusted it off primarily to show the icon that it is carrying. When I created the miniature, I was looking for something that was a little bit unusual - something that wasn't an ordinary-looking chaos (daemon-summoning) icon. I came up with the metal piece straight out of my bits box that can be seen in the picture. I think it is from warhammer elves (a dragon-riders chair part??). But to be honest, I'm not certain. Perhaps you could enlighten me if you know?

Anyhow, I am still fond of this miniature as it has a unique look. The dragon head atop the icon is very suggestive to me of something chaotic, without it being a rune or symbol of a chaos power or the usual 8 pointed star. It has the feel of something a little more cult-like. One potential narrative is the thought that perhaps these marines have been duped by a dragon-like daemon prince whom they worship? I feel it works remarkably well as an unaligned chaos icon (or in modern parlance, an icon of chaos glory). The lesson I learnt from building this miniature is that chaos icons need not be a simple pole with a symbol on top - they can be more creative and still work remarkably well.

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