Saturday, March 28, 2009

Death Guard Melta Gun Plague Marine

Why are all chaos space marines right-handed while their imperial brethren can be either left- or right-handed? I've no idea. This issue does create a modelling problem for me occasionally, but it can also be a blessing.Pictured is a Death Guard Plague Marine that utilizes the Forge World upgrade kit parts to created a highly dynamic melta gun marine. The left arm consists of the melta gun itself glued on to a power sword arm -- both from the standard chaos space marine sprues. For the right arm, there's an imperial space marine chain sword arm. I could have used a bolt pistol here instead, but I like the look of this marine with his out-stretched melta gun -- presumably shooting at a nearby target, coupled with the chain sword held in closer to his body. It make him look like he's ready to take an on-coming charge, but he's going to blast at his enemy before hand. The bolt pistol is instead holstered at his (rear) waist, along with some grenades. I think it looks better like this than with a chain sword or dagger sheathed at the waist.

On the negative side, the "handle" of the melta gun looks way too long. But given that this is a chaos marine, I can just about get away with it! I guess loyalist marines might call such things "master crafted"! It looks more ornate with the long handle. On the other hand (literally), the arm doesn't match up to the standard chaos space marine arm -- i.e. examine the banding around the melta-gun arm. I'm going to inflict a little battle-damage on this arm to make it look more Nurglesque.

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The 25mm Warrior said...

I particular like the bloated gut on him. Adds to the feel of the army very well. Nice!

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