Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Golden Demon Next Year

Well, I didn't make the final cut for Golden Demon this year with my various entries (plaguebearers, great unclean one, lava screamer, a bloodletter and a LotR wraith that I've not posted about yet!).

Next year I'll be more prepared! :)

However, one thing that I did notice was the relative number of entries in each category. As I might have expected, the most frequent entry was in the single miniature category for both fantasy and 40k.

What was a bit of a surprise to me was the scarcity of the following: 40k squads, 40k monsters, fantasy regiments, and Lord of the Rings categories.

Although also few in number, the duel and large model categories were fantastically well painted.

I'm not sure whether this is noticed elsewhere on the planet, but it certainly indicates that (e.g.) Lord of the Rings might be moderately easier to get placed in than others?
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