Monday, October 5, 2009

Chariot of Tzeentch, Part II -- Herald and Disk

For the actual herald and his disk, I wanted something that was in keeping with the older Realms of Chaos stuff -- a disk that was more like a circular flying creature than a screamer or a floating (unintelligent) platform. To create my vision, I used a standard 40mm circular base and got to work with a whole load of milliput (greenstuff).As can be seen, the disk has a mouth sculpted at the front (pure greenstuff) coupled with a pair of peering eyes either side of it sourced from circular globes that come as part of the chaos spawn boxed set. At the sides of the disk, I added a couple of protrubers: a pair of horns from the chaos spawn set and a metal pair of Keeper of Secrets horns that come with one of the alternate heads on the Keeper.

The herald itself is a standard pink horror of Tzeentch. The arms of the horror have all been drilled and pinned however. For the outer arms, I decided that I wanted them to be spread to either side of the miniature: they are ultimately going to be holding some reins that will attach to the screamers on the decorative base of the whole chariot.
Although the other arms were all standard, I did add one additional arm that comes out of the pink horror's mouth! This arm is a pointing arm and adds to the chaotic (random) appearance of the daemon. Additionally, when I paint the chariot, this arm is going to be blue, to be in keeping with my earlier miniatures colour scheme.

The final additions consisted of placing a rune of Tzeentch in the centre of the disk near to where the herald is standing; adding some swirls (with a crafting tool) around the rune and stretching to the outside of the disk; and adding a magnet to the underside of the disk (buried in the milliput) to help with both balance (i.e. low centre of gravity) and attaching chains that the herald will use to "drive" the chariot with. I'll show the painted result of this conversion soon.


suneokun said...

That's going to look awesome. Waytogo fielding less popular models... just learn to use them well and you're away.

I found the same with rough riders, never used to take them, but in defending my 'artillery' of mortars you can't ask better then 11 S5 I5 power attacks on an up to 24" charge...


Master Darksol said...

Oooh, the disk is looking great! Can't wait to see it finished!

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