Saturday, November 6, 2010

Review: Quantum Gothic Comm Dish

Quantum Gothic stormed on to the stage a few years ago with some incredible looking resin scenery pieces. Many of my long term readers will probably be familiar with Forge World resin. In comparison, Quantum Gothic scenery pieces are probably slightly cheaper, but more significantly, require much less "clean up" work than I've experienced with Forge World.

I purchased the communication dish from their web site. The picture below shows what you get.In short, exactly as advertised, and with zero air bubbles or defects in flexure (etc.). This is in contrast to Forge World where I find there is usually at least some work to be done with cleaning up the resin and flexing it back in to the shape it should be. Air bubbles are also a non-existant issue for Quantum Gothic it would seem.

The clean up of this model amounted to ensuring that a mold line around the rim of the dish was not too prominent. In all seriousness, that was about the only significant mold line that existed on the model. Other than that, there were only a few (count them on one hand "few" that is) little flashes of excess resin to trim from a couple of pieces and that was it.
The dish (as with other pieces from Quantum Gothic) comes with instructions as to how to build the piece. This is very nice and lacking from Forge World for their simpler models. The picture shows my completed dish, fully assembled. It stands a little taller than a standard terminator and looks handsome already! The assembly was a breeze. It took no more than 30 mins to create, and most of that time was waiting for the superglue to become touch dry so that I could insert the next piece.

Price wise, the communication dish is 15 UK pounds. This is not such a bad price ... and looks even better to Australian buyers at the time of writing due to the excellent exchange rate. Although I plan to use it in warhammer 40,000 games, it is clear that the dish could be useful for all kinds of other 25/28mm games out there.

Finally, let me say that I was also impressed with Quantum Gothic's customer service. They kept me up to date (by email and through my account online with them) about the status of my order. I knew when it was shipping and I knew when to expect it arrive in the post. Bravo!

(Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Quantum Gothic in any way whatsoever. On the off-chance that Quantum Gothic reads this, I'd be only too happy to review more of your kit!)


Cyborg Trucker said...

I bought a bunch of their stuff for s future warlord titan project and it is incredible the quality of the product. They blow Armorcast(which after my last purchase should rename themselves Bubble Factory) and Forge World away.

John Lambshead said...

Their stuff does look good.

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