Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dark Eldar Codex Download and Other Odd Search Terms

I decided to have a bit of a drill down into what people come to Warpstone Flux to look for by investigating search terms that link to my site.  My most popular pages have remained roughly constant compared to when I last posted on this topic, give or take a few new gems.  But lurking at the opposite end of the spectrum are dubious search terms that are downright illegal (such as the title of this post) or have very little to do with the content that I place on to my site.  Here's my top 10 examples that google analytics and webmaster tools inform me resulted in a Warpstone Flux hit.

10.  Dark Eldar Codex Download
Despite it being illegal, people still try to search for it.  I've no idea why search engines would turn up with a link to Warpstone Flux for such a search, but my guess is that other "spam" sites harvest / cookie cut content from Warpstone Flux and mash it together with other random oddities. Other search terms likewise include "Space Wolves Codex pdf Download" and so on.  

Just incase I'm not being clear: you will not find any illegal content on Warpstone Flux. 

9. Child Star Theory.
You mean the Star Child Theory, right?  In which case, here's a quick link to a previous posting about that issue, and an Alpha Legion discussion that was also had!  There is no content on academic theories as to why children become stars.  I'm a physical scientist, not a sociological scientist and hence don't feel qualified to comment!

8. Transmutation Circle List.
You want to change something in to something else by drawing a circle?  And you want multiple examples of said circle?  Well, Warpstone Flux is not the right place for you -- you probably want something a bit more Fullmetal Alchemist inclined, I'll wager.

7. Julie K Smith.
It'd be hard to make these sorts of things up, wouldn't it?  I've never met anybody by that name.  Sorry.  

6. Mortal Kombat Reptile.
Moving right along...

5. Bazooka Cafe.
According to wikipedia, it is an "erotic Japanese game for windows".  Huh?
I'm not going to delve any further in to this one.

4. Black Ops Zombie Gun Stealer.
I think this one is a little easier to explain as it is a mash-up of lots of different terms that appear on separate Warpstone Flux pages.

3. What is a Philtrum?
That's easy to answer and explain -- it is the groove above a top lip that meets the base of the nose.  An example of a philtrum can be seen on my Nurgle rhino.  It's a good question never the less!

2. Final Fantasy XIII.
I might have mentioned those letters and words, but really, this is another false positive hit!

1. Troll Face.
Initial reaction: What the?  
But actually, after a bit of investigation: this one relates to one of my commenters (Skarvald the Troll-faced).

Anyone else got any odd ball search terms that resulted in a hit on their blogs that they'd like to share?  I've got plenty more, but I might make them in to a second post on this subject matter for a future date!


sonsoftaurus said...

Hah, I've been thinking of doing the same thing, this may bump me over the line!

Skarvald the Troll-faced said...

Muhahahha! Sorry about the trolling, but that's just too funny!

jabberjabber said...

Hi Sonsoftaurus -- It'd be cool to read it!

jabberjabber said...

Hi Skarvald -- yeah! I laughed myself at seeing that!!

AbusePuppy said...

"Troll face" is also the name for a meme image that originated in 4chan's game-oriented boards and has made its rounds. (Pic below.) No idea why that would result in hits for you, but...

People search for the Dark Eldar codex because GW refuses to release any kind of meaningful information about it and most store owners don't appreciate folks browsing through their books without buying them. "Hey we have some sweet models" is not the same as giving previews like some other popular games do, and lots of folk are curious about what the new book is like.

jabberjabber said...

Hi Abuse Puppy -- You're quite right I think. If GW were to supply (e.g.) the main "must be aware of" rules such as how pain tokens worked, there could be increased sales from the buzz it creates?

jabberjabber said...

...and I wasn't previously aware of the meme image! Thanks for pointing me in the direction of it! :)

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