Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Skulltaker Evaluation

Skulltaker is a bloodletter's bloodletter. He's the great guy in the Khorne Army that all the lesser daemons look up to. They just want to be like him and be with him.
Like all bloodletters, Skulltaker is excellent at taking down power armoured marines with his hellblade. I like to use him in a squad of bloodletters to deliver him to the heart of the enemy wherein I use his large volley of attacks to cut the heart out of the opposition. He really is great at character killing. And not too shabby at taking down monstrous creatures either.

He can purchase a chariot or juggernaut (unlike other named heralds) as optional upgrades. The juggernaut is probably not quite worth the price tag unless you want him in a large mob of bloodcrushers. And then, a regular herald might be just as good depending on the points value of the game. The chariot seems the far better option. Of course, Skulltaker loses his independent character status by taking it.

Instant death by rending.
The beauty of Skulltaker is his ability to inflict instant death (and rending) on a 4+ roll to wound via the "Skulls for the skull throne!" special rule. This rule is what really makes skulltaker worth while. Place him on a chariot or juggernaut for increased potency. Head toward your favourite offending multi-wound opposing model and it's going to be taken care of in all likelihood. Perhaps apart from some lightning quick eldar or dark eldar. But that is why he has multiple wounds and a fair toughness for, coupled with both armour and invulnerable saves. Call in the Grey Knights -- they'll be needed sooner or later!

I tend to use Skulltaker in lower points games. Specifically, I've found him to be terrific in up to 1000 or 1250 points. Once 1500 points is hit, a mono-Khorne army would probably want to think about investing in a bloodthirster to be fair. But in a full pantheon army, he ca still be quite viable and dangerous. The planetstrike rules make him just awesome (along with the rest of the army!).


Old School Terminator said...

I play Tyranids and seeing Skulltaker packed into a squad of crushers on a juggernaut is possibly the scariest thing I see on the field versus any army. Skulltaker kills bugs dead lol.

Emeryt said...

"Placing him on a chariot for increased movement and threat range doubles his potency in this regard." afaik he still moves like infantry...

jabberjabber said...

Hi Emeryt -- My bad; I've got Tzeentch Chariots on the brain. I've corrected the text accordingly. Cheers!

jabberjabber said...

Hi Old School -- Wow! I've got to agree: Skulltaker plus a moderately sized pack of bloodcrushers is all kinds of awesome for the daemons player (especially mono-Khorne).

Old School Terminator said...

Even worse when fateweaver shows up, lol

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