Sunday, November 14, 2010

Favourite Mission Poll Result

The poll for your favourite mission has been running for a fortnight and is now closed. The results are as follows:

Annihilate 33%
2 Objectives / Capture and Control 21%
3 Objectives / Seize Ground 15%
4 Objectives / Seize Ground 9%
5 Objectives / Seize Ground 21%
Kill Team / Kill Zone 21%
Table Quarters / Occupation 9%
Move to opposite deployment zone 6%
Battle Missions 27%
Homebrew Missions 12%
Narrative Campaign 15%
Other 3%

Clearly, annihilate is by far the most popular type of mission out there. It's simplicity is its strength. But in second place is Battle Missions -- it is possible to hypothesize from this that the basic missions are getting very worn very fast and that variation is the key to entertaining play. The securing of objectives has a strong showing (particularly the high numbers of objectives), as has kill team / kill zone. I'm especially excited by the strong showing and popularity that the 200 point version of the game has.

I am in the process of getting together a large variety of mission types and intend to use this poll result as inspiration. Tomorrow, I will post what I have so far on primary missions. Stay tuned!


Anton said...

the battlemissons are good but tend to be a little one sided, I might start using missions from other systems and convert them into 40K namely flames of war and I'll have a look in the new fantasty book as see what I can lift from there..

oni said...

Annihilate... Really? I suppose it's not to much of a surprise as it's the least tactically challenging mission of them all. Go forth and kill!

jabberjabber said...

Hi Oni -- your reaction is similar to mine! My guess is that the simplicity of the mission is highly appealing (i.e. no need to muck around with objective counters and so forth).

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