Friday, November 19, 2010

Combi Termicide, A Broad Overview

Doubtless, many of you who play with (or against) chaos space marines (and Space Wolves) are aware of the concept of the termicide squad. In brief, they are a small squad of terminators whose sole duty is to perform a single task and then perish horribly. Today, I want to briefly summarize their roles.

The most used termicide squad that I see deployed is the combi-melta one. Take 3 chaos terminators, equip each one with a combi-melta and maybe add a power fist or chain fist to taste and you're done. Deep-strike the squad near a target vehicle and take it down. If there are transported infantry inside, consider assaulting them in the next turn (which is why a power fist is often taken).
The combi-plasma squad is less used, but follows the same principles. Instead of going after tanks, it'll aim to take down a monstrous creature or opposing high armour infantry like other terminators and wraith lords. They can also takle low armour vehicles in a pinch as well. Add in at least one power fist or chain fist for taste and that's it. If the rapid firing plasma volley doesn't take the target monstrous creature down, then engage is close combat as soon as feasible. Alternative combi-plasma builds focus on ranged threat and may take a reaper autocannon for additional support.

The combi-flamer squad instead focuses on anti-infantry and may arrive on board a land raider and could have a heacy flamer in the squad as well. Using the assault ramp they then proceed to flame their target (softening them up) before charging in to them with power weapons of various flavours.

This latter option is one that I have been toying around with, but minus the land raider option. I've been having some success with the following load-out:
3 or 4 chaos terminators with combi-flamers, 1 chaos terminator with heavy flamer and one chain fist somewhere in the squad.

Without the land raider, the terminators deep-strike in and flame their opponents. They then wait for the inevitable counter strike which their armour suggests they will survive. With luck, they can wipe out the enemy in their turn, leaving them free to charge in the next. The chain fist is there to declare "I am a treat to all of your units -- not just infantry! You'd better do something about me!" In this respect, the flamer termicide squad is a neat distractor unit capable of tying enemy units up, destroying them and posing a threat to all others.  In general, they don't last very long as they attract a lot of fire power.  But it is usually enough time for my winged daemon prince to come along and join the party for added distractions and disruptions.


sonsoftaurus said...

When I've used the combi-melta version, the PF/CF isn't there so much for assaulting infantry as it is to finish the target off in case the meltas immobilize/stun it but don't kill it.

AbusePuppy said...

The Reaper Autocannon gets little respect, but when you're coming in near a side/rear arc, some S7 hits can do some damage. It's also useful for backfield support Termies, which are a rather different animal.

Combi-Melta is really the only particularly worthwhile of the three guns. Plasma simply isn't that good (really, who are you shooting? why are they not in cover?) and combi-flamer is a poor choice of roles- there are plenty of other units in the army that can deal with light infantry.

A single Chainfist is a good idea so that you don't simply get put down by a Dread and can continue to threaten vehicles in subsequent turns.

Termicide as an overall strategy is reasonable, but falters because the rest of the codex can't easily support it. Keep in mind those 100+pts that you spent could have gone to strengthen the list elsewhere, although many opponents will play poorly just because of the possibility of the Terminators coming in and make dumb mistakes.

Big Jim said...

I like and have used the combi-plasma Termicide unit to great effect. I have found that many Marine players seem to leave plenty of units outside of cover.

I agree with AB, the Reaper AC is a much overlooked option.

jabberjabber said...

Great comments guys!

I agree with all of you. I guess with the combi-melta's, I tend to favour targeting the rhinos & razorbacks and then following them up with an assault. I then take out the infantry inside to ensure that there is one less scoring unit to worry about. Or at least that's my thought (as opposed to gunning for the land raiders!).

The Reaper Autocannon is indeed often overlooked. I tend to play it in higher points games (>1750) for some ranged defence & threat.

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