Thursday, November 18, 2010

W40k Rulebook Update Thoughts

Games Workshop have just released their latest Rulebook Update.  The update contains no real surprises: most of the updates are straight forward clarifications and re-wordings to make clear the original meaning of the rules.

A typical example is about set up.  The rules used to state for a spearhead deployment, the opposing player sets up "in the opposite half".  This has been clarified to mean set up in the opposite half and more than 12 inches from the table's middle line.

There are a few nuggets in there that may be of interest to those more chaotically inclined players.  Firstly is the ruling about squads that have "gone to ground", but been forced to move.  I'm thinking of Lash of Submission here. The ruling says that the moved unit does not retain its "gone to ground" status -- it simply returns to a "normal" state after moving.  This could be critical for a number of players who I know like the Lash of Submission psychic power.

Armour penetration for rending monters has also been cleared up: 2d6 + S and an extra d3 for each 6 that is rolled on rending (rather than just a maximum of one extra d3).

And the rules about co-axial weapon destruction, independent characters "making way" and Telion's stealthy nature are sure to be an worth-while read for many as well.

Overall, I think the changes won't make too much difference to the way in which I play the game.  Any different opinions?


Aleksi Lehtio said...

Obliterators rolling onto the board will have to be careful not to roll double ones and die. I didn't understand the point of tank shocking fleeing units. Earlier it states that units falling back fail all morale tests automatically, but when tank shocking it says they get to take the MORALE check not to run any further. Slightly contradicting imo.

jabberjabber said...

Good point Aleksi!

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