Thursday, February 11, 2010

Top 10 Search Terms

A bit off-topic, but today I wanted to share with you the top 10 search terms / keywords from all search engines (as judged by Google Analytics "traffic sources") that lead to a web page on Warpstone Flux.

10) Typhus Tactics. I'm a little surprised by this one, as I wrote my article on Typus some time ago now and the photo isn't all that crash hot! Still, this Warpstone Flux page ranks as the number 1 entry if you search for those words with google.

9) Plague Marine Conversions. Third in the google list for results from this search term, the snail shell concept is only one such plague marine conversion that I've undertaken (more here and from link-within).

8) Beast of Nurgle. My tutorial on how to build beasts of Nurgle ranks 5th in the search results for beasts, but without actually explicitly mentioning "build" or "assemble" in the search term.

7) Daemon Name Generator. Perhaps a little surprising, it certainly indicates to me that people like to give names to their pet daemons ... especially the big ones. Ranks 5th on the results page.

6) Golden Daemon Varnish. Erm. Yeah. What the? Look, I've no idea where this one comes from. Moving swiftly along.

5) Dark Skin Daemonettes. Way down on the search results (rank 13th) -- on the second page of google search results no less, my daemonettes suggest that people are looking for alternatives to the pale purple paint schemes we see in the codex and White Dwarf. As can be seen from my squad picture, I have many different skin and clothing tones for my daemonettes.

4) Daemon Prince Base Size. Still a popular debate, the Warpstone Flux page on this topic is top of google's result page.

3) Assembling Noise Marines. It looks like I'm not the only one to struggle with this issue! Top of the google search results page for this phrase again.

2) Death Guard Army List. Perhaps not so surprising at all. People always want to read about solid army builds that have been used by others and to be recycled and copied. As of today, this search comes up second (behind bolter and chainsword) in the google search results page for these terms. However, it is only one of several Death Guard and general chaos space marine army lists that I've posted on Warpstone Flux over the years. I'm pleased with this result!

1) Warpstone Flux. Oh yes, if you search for "Warpstone Flux", then this blog is top of the search results page. Score! I'm sure some of these searches were by me at some point or other, but not all of them! This is the most popular search term that leads to a page on my blog!

And that's the end of the list! I'd love to hear from any other blog owners about what searches lead to their own sites and how it relates (or not!) to their content.

Other entries that I thought might have been higher included "painting bloodletters" at 16th; "how to assemble beasts of nurgle" at 27th; and "chariot of Tzeentch" at 40th. Perhaps I'll write up what search terms exist at the other end of the popularity scale one of these days. They're probably no less interesting, but for different reasons!


sovietspace said...

Very interesting article! Oh, and ask and you shall receive, here is The Astronomican's top ten:

1. Painting Power Weapons: Yep, you type this into google and you get me first. This is for an article thats over 1yr and half old. Glad to see its still useful though :)

2. Deathwing Banner: This is not so surprising - I spent ages researching before I attempted mine.

3. Imperial Guard Battle Reports

4. How To Paint Power Weapons: See 1.!

5. Tyranid Battle Report: Hmmm, I only have 2/3 of those!

6. Dark Angels Army List

7. Dark Angels FAQ

8. New Tyranids Battle Report: People looking for this will alas be disappointed...

9. Games Workshop Spray Gun Review: Again, a rather old article

10. How To Paint Power Weapons: Again!!??

So there you have it. I was surprised just how heavily that Pwr Weapon tutorial played, and also that my other armies (Praetorians, Epic IG and Eldar) were sadly not mentioned at all. I wonder how long it will take for them to work their way up the list...

Hope this has interested you mate!

Chris said...

Here's mine, they're mostly fairly generic. There's 3 which are a name generator link I posted in response to your daemon one:

imperial guard name generator
-See note above

white dwarf 358
-I had a break down of the contents

chosen chaos space marines
-I've blogged about these a few times, I'm quite well ranked on google for this term

inquisitor name generator
-See one

nurgle conversions

40k name generator
-See one again

space marine name generator
-...and again

chaos space marine chosen

aobr conversion
-This was my Nurgle dreadnought which was one of the most viewed entries on the blog

dave andrews ultramarines
-No idea. I mentioned those three words in a post about the contents of a WD.

Gotthammer said...

Here be my list of most frequent:

1. collegia titanica
Fairly self explanitory, only Lexicanum beats me on google.

2. divisio mandati
I have a sub page which uses this.

3. angels of light
My ongoing fiction project. It must be people looking for it as I'm not up high in google's

4. apocalypse flyer rules
A bit random as I don't think I've ever used that exact phrase.

5. legio pallidus mors
The Legion my Titans are a part of.

6. litko door space hulk
I have a fair bit of Space Hulk stuff and use Litko tokens for it.

7. monolith-icon lord of the rings
I posted a review about Monolith's LotR scenery.

8. ork titanic- 2009
Not sure about this one. I guess it's some combination of random sentances working together.

9. rainbow warriors 40k
Again, fairly self explanitory.

10. titan weapon stats
I've had an ongoing series analysing the different titan weapon systems.

Some of the weird ones I've got:

#16: nathaniel williams adepticon
I don't know why but if you search for that it comes up with me with preview text of someone elses blog. Weird.

#49: como eu pego itens bons no arcus behind the dark

#71: how to get honorary gbl follower title
Also various things with 'gbl' in them... I think it's from an MMO or something.

#102: plaster corset .pdf
I honestly have no idea, but it made me laugh.

Good to have a look back at what draws people in :)

Faolain said...

Gotthammer- Your #49 is Portuguese, and it reads, "how do I get good items in the arcus (perhaps he meant arcos, which means bows or arches) behind the dark." Even speaking Portuguese, I still have no idea what he's saying.

jabberjabber said...

Wow, those are some lists! Thanks for sharing these. I like the stranger ones!

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