Monday, February 15, 2010

Poll Re-Opened for Feb 2010 Army List Challenge

Due to the vagueness of time zone differences, I'm re-opening the Feb 2010 Army List Challenge Poll due to an extra entry. The extra entry was entered in their own time zones before the deadline .... this is entirely my fault - I shall specify when the deadlines are in GMT or something in future!!

Extra entry as follows.


Captain, Power Weapon, Bike=150

Command Squad, Bikes, Apothacary=205

4 Bikes, 2 Flamers, Attack Bike=165

4 Bikes, 2 Flamers, Attack Bike=165

4 Bikes, 2 Flamers, Attack Bike=165

10 Tactical Marines, Flamer, Multi-Melta, Drop Pod=205

5 Terminators, 3 TH/SS, 2LC/LC=200

When I read about unprepared eldar, and seizing objectives, I quickly decided on White Scars. Who else would have the speed to land on a planet, massacre cheap troops (Guardians), grab objectives and get out, within a short time frame, in a inhospitable country.

The plan would be to create an exit with the tac marines, guarding the ship, or thunderhawk, or whatever. The four bike squads together march towards the first objective, and a single bike squad peels off, to take it back to base after capturing it.
The Terminators are designed to be a rock that cannot be broken, as there is no avatar, or other heavy hitters. I drop them on the furthest objective, and force the enemy to deal with them while the rest of my army grabs objectives.
All of my troops are very fast, with the Drop Pod coming in T1, and the bikes using their fast speed to overwhelm defenses, and grab territory before the less well trained eldar even realize they are there. The terminators would simply be teleported down, to cause havok!

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