Saturday, February 13, 2010

New GW Melbourne City Store

Today was the official opening day of / party for the new Games Workshop store in Melbourne, Vic (Australia). The new store (pictured) replaces the old one that was in the Melbourne Central shopping mall. The new location (Shop E9 Southern Cross Lane, Little Collins Street), however, is somewhat removed from the previous location; it doesn't have as many shops around it; and it is situated on a road (with a taxi rank outside - as can be seen!) rather than in the comfort of an indoor air-conditioned mall.

The first thing that strikes me about it was how light it felt. Compared to the old Brisbane city centre GW (which had dark painted walls and felt a bit dingy), this one is a breath of fresh air. (I should add that the Brisbane city GW moved late last year as well to a very nearby location that was much lighter and better lit).

The store itself is not that large. With all the people in there for the opening party (who were playing a game of Apocalypse), there wasn't too much room to move around inside. Regardless, on the opening day, they gave out cake and had a 3PM auction of random bits (e.g. a Black Templar Squad; green table top grass cloth; etc.) which was good. Whilst nowhere the size of a battle bunker (such as in Mt. Gravatt, Queensland), this one is a good addition to the GW fleet. But I can't help feeling that the location is sub-optimal for a city like Melbourne. Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart, and Sydney city centre stores all have superior locations in my opinion (sorry, haven't been to the Perth one yet - it's a long way from the East coast and my business doesn't take me there all that often at all!). That's not to say it is a totally poor location with no redeeming features, it is just a bit of a hike uphill from the main shopping precincts in Melbourne.

Good luck Games Workshop Melbourne City!


oni said...

That looks like one heck of a nice store.

jabberjabber said...

Yeah - its pretty pristine inside and very well lit. Ideal in almost all respects.

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