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Feb 2010 Army List Challenge

Welcome to the February 2010 Army List Challenge. As with all the Warpstone Flux Army List Challenges, this one is meant to get you thinking about how to design themed and effective army lists to take on a specific scenario or challenge in Warhammer 40k games. There are no prizes, just kudos and honour!

Overview of the Challenge
Those sneaky eldar! They've used their cunning and manipulative ways to grab important (artifacts / data crystals / energy dumps / wraithbone / biomass) from one of your (colony worlds / daemon planet / tomb world / hive fleets) and you need it back! There's nothing for it: you'll have to assemble a strike team to go in to the eldar's craftworld.

The game is a standard game played over 3 objectives with table quarters deployment. Your opposition is craft world eldar. They have not had time to awaken their avatar to take on your strike team, however. They have plenty of guardians available, but only a few squads of aspect warriors - you have taken them by surprise! The game lasts 5 turns, after which you must evacuate with your objectives before the avatar awakes and more aspect warriors outnumber you.

(1) Design a 1250 points army list strike-team to take on an unprepared eldar craft world in this objective based mission. Your opponent has been taken by surprise, so is unable to bring most of his heavy hitters to the table.
(2) Post you army list as a comment to this challenge posting and suggest why they're well suited to this mission. In particular, note that the action will take place on a craft world rather than a plantary surface and suggest why your team would be well-suited to striking swiftly at an un-prepared eldar craft world.
(3) On Feb 15th, a poll will open for Warpstone Flux readers to vote on which entry is the "most effective army list that also best articulates the theme" (whatever readers interpret that to mean) out of all entrants.
(4) Winner will be tallied and announced on Feb 22nd.

Good luck!


suneokun said...

Demolition Force.

All infantry Demolitions Company lead by Sly Marbo ... he's led his favourite platoons onto the Eldar Craftworld without them knowing it. No vehicles ... this is pure blast template carnage. I fought Eldar for many many years, and the way to kill basic Eldar is simple - grenade launchers! S6 to kill the heroes and s3 scattering death for everyone else!

Command HQ, 4 Grenade Launchers
Command HQ, 4 Grenade Launchers

Sly Marbo

Platoon #1:
Platoon HQ: 4 GLs
Squad #1: Mortar and GL.
Squad #2: Mortar and GL.
5 Mortar Teams

Platoon #2:
Platoon HQ: 4 GLs
Squad #1: Mortar and GL.
Squad #2: Mortar and GL.
5 Mortar Teams

Total 1245 (choose a squad and give them krak grenades?)

Tactics: Yes that is 34 x pinning barrage S4 templates a turn ... Elf pate anyone? To top it off the 20 grenade launchers offer better move and fire possibilities for grabbing the objectives...

Anton said...

ok I'm gonna give this one a crack...

No surprise to some I'll be choosing a chaos list,

Chaos Sorcerer:
Mark of Slaanesh
Termi Armour

6 man squad 3 flamers Mark of Slaanesh

Chaos Terminators:
3 man squad, 1 heavy flamer, 2 combi weapons (guess what flamers!)

Plague guard:
7 man squad, Flamer & Melta, Icon
7 man squad, flamer & melta, Icon
7 man squad, Flamer & melta, Icon

Noise marines:
5 man squad all with sonic blasters

9 summoned deamons

and that little lot comes to 1238

the idea would that choosen would support the death guard as they advance and sit on the objectives the noise marines blast the bejesus out of heavy weapon guardian squads,

the terminators would deepstrike either using the icons or just going for it causing havoc, and the sorcerer using lash to group the guardians togeather for the flamers to have max effect,

the summoned deamons would be the counter charge unit for units that got that little bit too close...

Chris said...

Who better to attack an unsuspecting Eldar craftworld than the servants of She Who Thirsts?

I've gone for an all Slaanesh themed Chaos Space Marine force:

Lord, Mark of Slaanesh, Jump Pack, Pair of Lightning Claws 145

6 Chosen with Icon of Slaanesh, 5 flamers 153
6 Chosen with Icon of Slaanesh, 5 flamers 153

5 Noise Marines, 4 with Sonic Blasters, one with a Blastmaster, Noise Champion with Doom Siren 210

5 Noise Marines, 4 with Sonic Blasters, one with a Blastmaster, Noise Champion with Doom Siren 210

6 Raptors with Icon of Slaanesh, 2 with flamers 150
6 Raptors with Icon of Slaanesh, 2 with flamers 150

6 Summoned Lesser Daemons 78

Total 1249

I've kept everything in multiples of 6 for fluffy reasons, and tried to max out on flamers to cook up some lightly armoured Eldar.

The Chosen would have infiltrated the Craftworld ahead of the main force, and the Raptors and Lord would press forward using their jump packs to mash up some Guardians in close combat. The Noise Marines can quickly move and fire as they've got an array of Assault weaponry.

Not sure on the lesser daemons bit, but I had to points and couldn't fit anything else in. Game wise they're good, but I'd ahve thought an Eldar craftworld would be pretty well shielded from stuff coming from the warp.

SandWyrm said...


Got lots of Eldar coming at you on foot, hiding behind their singing trees and carefully pruned lollipop plants? Drop the Promethium on them!

70 Primaris Psyker

155 Veteran Squad w/3 x Melta, Chimera (Hull Heavy Flamer)
155 Veteran Squad w/3 x Melta, Chimera (Hull Heavy Flamer)
115 Veteran Squad w/3 x Flamer, Demolitions

Fast Attack
140 Vendetta Gunship w/Heavy Bolter Sponsons
145 Hellhound w/Hull Multi-Melta
145 Hellhound w/Hull Multi-Melta

Heavy Support
165 Leman Russ Demolisher w/Hull Heavy Flamer
160 Leman Russ Eradicator w/Hull Heavy Flamer

Total: 1250

The Hellhounds and the Eradicator will hit their infantry hard with S6 AP4, denying them their dainty cover saves. While the Demolisher will wipe out any who are foolish enough to run into my line.

The Vendetta is there to kill whatever flower-painted vehicles they're able to bring at me. While the vets inside are ready to drop on their precious aspect warriors and wipe the xenos out in a single turn of flamer/demo template spam.

Once the Eldar's back is broken, the Chimeras will move forward and cleanse whatever heroes or vehicles survive the firestorm. Assuming they haven't run away. :)

Lord said...

I hope this is not to late....The post says the 15th of february!

Captain, Power Weapon, Bike=150

Command Squad, Bikes, Apothacary=205

4 Bikes, 2 Flamers, Attack Bike=165

4 Bikes, 2 Flamers, Attack Bike=165

4 Bikes, 2 Flamers, Attack Bike=165

10 Tactical Marines, Flamer, Multi-Melta, Drop Pod=205

5 Terminators, 3 TH/SS, 2LC/LC=200

When I read about unprepared eldar, and seizing objectives, I quickly decided on White Scars. Who else would have the speed to land on a planet, massacre cheap troops (Guardians), grab objectives and get out, within a short time frame, in a inhospitable country.

The plan would be to create an exit with the tac marines, guarding the ship, or thunderhawk, or whatever. The four bike squads together march towards the first objective, and a single bike squad peels off, to take it back to base after capturing it.
The Terminators are designed to be a rock that cannot be broken, as there is no avatar, or other heavy hitters. I drop them on the furthest objective, and force the enemy to deal with them while the rest of my army grabs objectives.
All of my troops are very fast, with the Drop Pod coming in T1, and the bikes using their fast speed to overwhelm defenses, and grab territory before the less well trained eldar even realize they are there. The terminators would simply be teleported down, to cause havok!

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