Monday, November 16, 2009

Noise Marine Assembley

As well as a number of other concurrent projects, I'm also building up a small number (six!) of noise marines. This one is the first that I've assembled.

The major issue I've found with assembling these guys are the sonic weaponry. Simply put, they don't fit snugly enough to the chaos space marine's abdomen. On this miniature, I've had to file away the belt buckle to near-oblivion. Even with that done, there are some micro-issues with the pose. The miniatures right arm (on the left hand side of the picture!) doesn't connect smoothly with the torso -- it is at an angle to the torso despite my efforts to file away the belt buckle and everything else that might be pushing it away from the body and causing this. Secondly, although the opposite arm sits flush with the torso, it is located a bit further back than I would have expected for a standard noise marine.

As a result, I'm going to be doing a little bit of green stuff work around the shoulders of this noise marine to correct for the sonic blaster not fitting more flush with the body. I'm going to try to choose front torso's a bit more carefully now that I know the problems with assembling noise marines!


Ryan said...

Oh dear...I've got an unassembled box of Noise Marines awaiting my attention. Glad I saw this before diving in with the glue. Any chance of a follow-up post when you're back from your Antipodean Bizarro Summer Vacation? Your post on Obliterators was extremely helpful when it came to putting the big fiddly bastards together, and I'm curious to see what you have to say about the Noise Marines kit once you've finished. You've already given me one good idea to shamelessly steal- I'd been wondering how to make the Marines with Blastmasters stick out a bit more from the regular Sonic Blasters, and I've got quite a lot of the small trophy racks left over from regular CSM sprues. Based on the picture above, it looks like they're just what I was looking for to help my bassists of head-explody death pop a little more, along with the molded Slaanesh shoulder pads from the accessory/Champion sprue, though they may have to lose the dangly skulls.

jabberjabber said...

I'll plot a follow up post for the New Year :)

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