Saturday, November 28, 2009

Painted Night Lords Halberdier

The chaos space marine halberdier that I assembled a while ago has now been painted up in some Night Lords colours. Eventually, I'm thinking of having an entire squad of Night Lords like this one to form a chaos chosen elites squad.

The image here doesn't show the colours well -- the ultramarine blue that is highlighting the regal blue base colour of the shoulder pads (and elsewhere) seems to have a bright quality that the miniature doesn't really have in real life(!). That aside, most of the rest of the miniature's colours are a good fit to real life. I mainly modelled the colour scheme after the old chaos space marine codex: choosing gold for the highlight colour as well as the helmet. The halberd itself is one of the items that I decided to paint in an odd colour: frosty looking light blues and whites on the blade and metal portions. I'm not certain that I'll keep it that way: I may revert it back to metallic silver. Still, I've learned from this model and I'm hoping the next one will be even better (when I get around to it!).


Mike Oliver said...

Not bad at all, I like the colours. Do you plan on painting the lightning bolts on the power armour as well? I used to love night lords after reading "Lord of the Night".

Raptor1313 said...

He looks plenty sharp to me. I like the color choice, and the highlighting on it. Plus, the halberd is kind of refreshing. I mean, I like chain weapons and think they're a sweet idea, but it's nice to see a diversion from them every now and then.

Anton said...

I like that it looks nice, with regards to the axe head, try a watered down blue wash, then use a bit of white on it to kinda hightlight it?

the best exanple I can think of is...

beast number 9 from privateer press, for some reason I carn't paste the link though?

I'd also stick with the gold looks nice, if you wanted a bit of a change you could paint your champions in silver to make them stand out though?

jabberjabber said...

Thanks for the feedback guys!
Yes - I think I will be putting some lightning bolt type inconography on him ... I completely forgot about that!

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