Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Battle Summary: Death Guard vs. Death Guard! (767 points)

This was a fun, yet peculiar game that I wanted to share with you. Basically, I loaned out some of my miniatures to an opponent who didn't have too many points worth of marines. We ended up deciding that my opponent would call all of his marines = death guard, so there were plenty of "count as" marines on his side of this table.

Both of the army lists were identical:

HQ = Daemon Prince with Wings, Mark of Nurgle, and doom bolt (160 pts)

Troops 1 = Plague champion with power fist along with 6 other plague marines (1 melta gun, 1 flamer) in a rhino with a havoc launcher (266 pts)

Troops 2 = Plague champion with power fist along with 6 other plague marines (1 melta gun, 1 flamer) in a rhino with a havoc launcher (266 pts)

Heavy Support = 1 Obliterator (75 pts)

The game board was only 4 ft x 4 ft as the points value was rather low. The scenery was a desert world, with a few ruins scattered around the place (4+ cover save).

The mission was annihilation. That's six killpoints each side.

Early Turns.
The set up is by table quarters, and we both set up with one troops squad in cover of some ruins and the other rhino hiding behind it (my opponent is emulating my set-up almost perfectly). The HQs start behind cover, with no line of sight and the obliterators are reserved.

The early turns feature a number of volleys from the havoc launchers which ultimately cause a wound each on each daemon prince. The rhinos in the cover continue to sit there whilst the other rhinos charge toward each other ... and the lurking daemon princes.

Middle Turns.
My daemon prince tears down his rhino. His obliterator comes in to play and destroys my rhino in exchange. Both plague marine squads get out and rapid fire one another. In the subsequent turn, they engage in melee. His daemon prince proves to be the difference and finishes my squad off. Meanwhile, my daemon prince slays the obliterator.

My obliterator comes in to play and destroys his daemon prince, whilst his surviving plague marine squad rapid fires my daemon prince back to the warp. A few choice plasma shots from my obliterator finishes his surviving squad.

Late Turns.
The havoc launcher from my opponent's rhino that is still in cover finishes off my otherwise pesky obliterator. At this stage, there are only two rhinos (plus their squads) left in the game.

We make a "gentleman's agreement" at this stage -- there will be no more shooting (too many of Nurgle's good guys have already perished and Nurgle wants survivors). Therefore, the game will come down to the two rhinos attempting to ram each other.

Despite some neat moves on turns 5 and 6, turn 7 sees my opponent execute a perfect ram maneuver to seal the victory by 1 kill point ... my rhino is smoking between his rhino and a hard place!

It was a fun conclusion to what was a brilliant game!

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